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DOF in photo mode app

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by ENDR, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Simple question: how the hell do you use that thing?
    Until one of the recent updates this app was pretty simple to use. You positioned the camera, chose the right FOV, adjusted the position of the Sun and then you could use the "autofocus" to adjust the DOF. You could also manually set the focus distance and factor.
    One of the updates screwed the app up though (at least in my case). Currently, when you press RMB to set focus on something, the "DOF focus" value goes bananas. 10 to 11th power is "pretty far" if you ask me.
    And sure, I can still reduce the value manually, but the buttons modify that value by just a couple tenths of a "unit", so reducing it to some reasonable value is going to take some time...

    So am I missing something here and am I not using the app correctly, or is it just a "thing" in a developer app, which isn't officially released yet and it's not supposed to work at the moment?
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  2. No idea here but agree x100
    The function rather got worse after the recent update..
  3. Already had a lot of "time spent" troubles with this bug...
    Need to post this issue on of.forum, and just wait for fix...
  4. Aaahhh... Yeah, I could've browsed through the official forum first.
    Apparently they know about it and a fix is coming...

    EDIT: Although the last response of one of the devs was at the end of July :unsure:
  5. by the way, does any one know how to solve FOV issue when betwen 1/3 values?
    I mean when you use FOV for zooming from a big distance the car textures get messed up.
    PS: I have 6gb of VRAM on each GPU so that is not related with VRAM..
  6. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves

    The game is probably basing your view off of where the camera actually is, not where your FOV is showing it. That then affects which LOD the engine loads. So you're probably too far away when zooming, and the game is loading a lower detail LOD.
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