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doesn't load track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Gardner78, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Hello everybody, I'm new here and I ask a little help and tips if you can

    I bought the BTB licence and working on modding tracks. I would love to finish two vintage tracks I'm working, Lasarte 1935 and the Circuito of Biella of the same year

    I create a track and everything is ok, but after I added some object from many xpack I found on the web, overall the Great Britain, the Hungarian Xpack, Fence4dry, Hailwood club and others, after exporting the track on rF the game doesn't load the track.. and crash to windows
    I don't understand what is the problem

    one more question: it is possible (and how to) change the track surface in the same track? (I mean to have for example the cobbles in some sections and then have the tarmac in other sections of the same track?
  2. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    Make sure your rFactor is running in window mode, so you can actually see the error box explaining what texture is wrong. If it ain't some funky texture. Check your GDB and TDF files.
    Is the track is refusing to load from the beginning of the loadingbar or the end?
  3. the error is:
    "loading error texture encalado roada 1002"

    i'm using a lot of xpacks to have a better and more realistic renditions of this vintage tracks but this message sounds very strange
  4. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Whatever the Material is, it is unable to load texture "encalado roada 1002".

    Looks like you are going to have to look through all the Material XML files in the xpacks to find the Material pointing to that texture and give it a texture with that name.

    If you have any problems with that get back to me.
  5. Thank you so much Ebrich :) now seems to work well. I used some more traditional material and now works. I redone completely the track using also google earth, if the tracks will be completed and everythings goes ok, I will very happy :D
    it's since many months I tried to practice with BTB, now it's the time to road (maybe.)
  6. I have some little other questions, if you can help me...
    for example, if you open some directories of the known tracks like Nurburgring or other too, who are very long and full of materials and objects, it seems they are packed.
    My Lasarte track who is 17 km long has more than 40thousands objects (most of them are trees) so, the time of track loading is quite high.
    It is possible to pack the objects in the (location directory of the track) in order to have minor time waiting in loading?
  7. ebrich

    Premium Member

    17 KM isn't that long for a track (when you have 200 KM it is long) but 40,000 objects is a bit heavy.

    You could start to find the fps dropping, in game, at certain points, which can make it difficult to drive and hard on the eyes.

    Most track builders will only use the tree objects next to the track and for distant trees a tree wall is more effective (line of trees as a texture on the wall tool).

    Also make sure that shadow casting and collision is off, on the trees, and try use simple shadow/collision object for that purpose.

    Certainly using tree walls will help to cut down the export and game loading time but I don't know if packing the gmt objects and the textures into MAS files will help.

    Perhaps someone could verify that, please.
  8. in fact, you got right... I thought that with all this tree could be more realistic, but I deleted many of them, and it's realistic the same, more light, and very nice to drive :)
    now, the last part... cameras, then Lasarte 1935 will be ready :roflmao:
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