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Does the "Mustang SE Cup" by scca1981 work online?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Troy Bjerke, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Does the "Mustang SE Cup" by scca1981 work online?
    - I asked him on another forum, and he says he does not know?

    If it works, I'd love to run that mod with you guys! :D
    - Mustang SE Cup - for Race 07 / GTR Evo / Race On - by scca1981
  2. Yes it does. We used it here in the past.
  3. I thought you asked me about it running on a dedicated server... or maybe that was someone else.. I dunno man I get a lot of pm's :) Hard to keep track.

    Anyhow, any mod i've released for Evo should have no issues working online.
  4. scca1981, you are correct...

    scca1981, you are correct... I asked if it worked on a dedicated server.

    I thought that is how I should do the online race night thing so I could create a list of tracks.
    - that way they load in order and just keep going like an offline championship... maybe not?

    So you are saying it works online - as long as I just start up multiplayer & host a game?
    - I thought this only allows you to run one track, then host has to restart?

    Thanks for the help guys...