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Does the AI suffer from cold tyres after pit stops?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by TGApples, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. I ask because my experience seems to be that the AI is fast straight out of the pits, whereas I have a lap and a bit of grip which feels worse than when I pitted. I can follow somebody into the pits while keeping pace with them for a while, fit the same tyres, and then see them disappear into the distance with seemingly hot wheels. Similarily the AI seems to suffer less from tyre deg than me, but that might be just my driving style...

    Partially related, but does it seem to anybody else the tyre temp model rather sucks? I have hot tyres for the start (having sat on the grid for a minute or so...). Also for some reason they cool as soon as the safety car is deployed, even if I'm doing race pace. This actually caught me out at Monaco as my grip dropped rather faster than expected and I was pushing to catch the train...
  2. In real F1 you cant push anyway as there are delta times you have to keep to, the previous system of pushing like crazy to catch up the safety car are gone.
  3. @TGApples, I noticed when i came out of the pits at Melbourne(once behind a car and the other time i was in front of a car) they did struggle when they exited the pits, just like me. It only takes me half a lap and my tyres are back up to full temperature so maybe your being to cautious on your out lap.
  4. Now I'm paying more attention I've seem them struggle on the first corner, then be a bit hesitant on the second, then leave me for dead following that.

    Cetainly not at full temp after half a lap, though they're certainly feeling better than out of the pits. Mid-stint sort of grip. About one and a half laps in you get the "fresh rubber super grip" feeling and can really push. I would have thought using the keyboard would tend to push a lot of heat into them... I certainly get a a lot of front wear!
  5. do you mean the small picture of the car with different temperatures and damage reports? if so. yeh its terrible imo. the one from '10 was much better and clearer. thinking about it, i wonder if theres a mod which let's you use the one from '10 on '11.
  6. I don't think tires are modeled at all for AI. My guess is that they are just set to run at certain pace during certain phase of the race. In one race, Alonso did 8 laps in qualifying with option tires, and he did another 6 laps in the race before pitting. Whereas I only did 3 laps in qualifying in option tires, and after another 5 laps in race, the tires went red and all slippery. Also at the beginning of the race, the AI are all over me but towards the end, I'm putting 2~3 seconds per lap on second place and end up winning with large margin. I'm getting faster as the race goes on but not for AI. I don't think fuel is simulated for AI either. I'm playing professional 50% races.
  7. No way are they affected by cold tyres. I did a expert 20% race at Suzuka, shadowing Button in P2 about a second and a half behind untill we both pitted on the same lap, once back out he was gone, opening a 5 second lead by the end of the outlap.

    Struggling with cold tyres is a great challenge but make it equal across the board :mad:
  8. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I have my doubts about the whole tyre temp issue for us anyway... the temp indicator seems to show them as green from the off for me and last night in my second career practice at Malaysia at the end of practice I was almost out of fuel towards the end of the session and slowed right down and the temps didn't seem to alter at all. I then parked it up and left it there for 5 minutes and still there didn't seem to be any change. I felt from the start that the tyre temp indicators were just too suble in the changes... very difficult to see much difference in them. Maybe it's because I am having to use a small portable tv and the changes are not showing up very well.