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Does FreeTrackIR work in SCE?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Will Mazeo, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Trying to use it but if I install the program SCE crashes on start and works again as soon as I unninstall it.
    I also tried OpenTrack but looks like the program won't work with a single led :mad:
  2. FreTrackIr got some issues. If I recall right there are something with dpi. Play with desktop text size.

    By the way 'EdTracker' is a lot easier and works better only issue is to find the MPU 9250 / 9050i in Brazil. Very easy to make.
  3. Keith Joyce

    Keith Joyce
    Stercus accidit Premium

    Have you tried Facetracknoir?
  4. Changing text size didn't help. Program won't even start if I do that
    Don't want to build anything mate, thie EdTracker won't help me

    Installed Facetracknoir (again) because I remembered it had a pointer plugin. Now Freetrack does not make SCE crash anymore. On the other hand it still won't move the camera in any way. Plus Facetrack is bad, same pointer plugin as OpenTrack that needs 3 points to work, and tracking the face takes too much CPU power.

    Thanks for the help both of you, if any more ideas please tell. This sucks :(
  5. This was the first thing I used but I don't want to have a cellphone close to my brain like that, plus the wifi have its own moments so it can't be trusted at all.
    The aruco plugin will be my next attempt, if only my printer was alive
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  6. So this looks like a Reiza side problem here. The TrackIR.dll is the problem. In rFactor it works fine but the one in SCE either wasn't updated after the code changes or it was but it is not compatble with FreetrackIR anymore. Once you delete this dll the game won't crash anymore (also tried to put the rFactor dll in SCE but no success ofc)
    Too bad :(
  7. Try some of the other output in freetrack you can make the l look LEFT, Right, Up and Down binding in GSC
  8. I'm trying that with PPJoy but the right is hard... all solutions give the same result: it doesn't start...
  9. Ohhh got this working, thanks God!!!!!
    First you need another version of PPJoy (I got the 0846) http://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=PPJoy_for_using_multiple_joysticks
    And do what he says because Windows is going to block it!
    Then follow the explanations here

    And here
    Just be sure to make and use a second control in PPJoy rather than using the #1 you create otherwise SCE will confuse it with your wheel and mess your controls. I only want to look right/left no up/down so a single button in PPJoy is enough with X axis.
    Video of how it is now (not configured, so tired now)

    Still hope @Renato Simioni can take a look on this for AMS, would be alot better if we could just light a led and play :D
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  10. I had facetracknoir with old kinect as webcam. It didnt work perfectly. One side rotation wasn't working as well as the other... I installed softTh and forgot about it.with 2 monitors it works like a charm. Spotting the apex easily and with virtual mirrors I dont need to look left nor right:)
  11. I'm using FreeTrack with a PS3 Eye camera. No additional tools like PPJoy. It works very well, hardly any lag at all. Camera: 640x480 75 fps. FreeTrack will output the fps times 2 (interpolate), so 150 fps to SCE. Flawless on SCE, R3E and Race07. (I'm on W7 64 bit.)
    Bought an EDTracker for my dad, he's using it with Race07. But no 'positional tracking' with an EDTracker, only the rotation of your head is tracked.
  12. How did you get it working mate? Here it does nothing, I want it to work without PPJoy.
    Here the program works well, tested on rFactor and it is working, but in SCE it doesn't send any info
    Can you send me your config file? And if possible someone please upload the trackIR plugin dll I deleted it :roflmao:
  13. I will upload it this evening if I have the time. I will make a copy of the whole FreeTrack folder so you will have the same version as I have.
  14. (The files will be available for 10 days)
    Please note: FreeTrack is configured for use with a 3 point cap.
  15. Maaaaaannnn!! Thank you very much. God bless you :thumbsup:
    Idk why with your version it works. Tho when I put the TrackIR dll back the game crashed, but I unninstalled my freetrackir and it worked fine with yours. Why this happens I have no idea, total mistery but I'm going to keep a copy of your version just to be sure lol
    Thanks again :)
    Just curious: did you have a bug where your mouse wouldn't answer correctly for a few seconds everytime you don't move it for a while? I had this related to FreetrackIR+Microsoft cam driver. I removed the driver and bug was gone but seems to be back with your freetrackir
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  16. Glad it works! No idea about your mouse problem though... Try plugging the mouse into another USB port? Do you use wireless mouse? If yes, try a wired one. I switched from a wireless to a wired mouse because of mouse stuttering when wifi was used (room mates watching YouTube for example).
  17. USB mouse, I'll check other ports. Hope it won't cause problems with the wheel tho (didn't have the time to properly configure it and drive yet. Till now I was only trying to get the program working