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Do you have a second wheel?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by jimortality, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. jimortality


    The reason I ask, I've seen the G27 for £169 in Curry/PC world and although I'm happy with my TX, If anything happened to that it would be nice to have the G27 as a back up. I realise Logitech are no longer going to be supporting there peripherals but at that price, I think it's a good investment :)
  2. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I have 5 second wheels.
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  3. Another bad example here: one PC rig, one console (currently only PS3) rig, plus 3 wheel sets in the cupboard (4 if you count the spare Thrustmaster rim).

    Trouble with a spare wheel of lesser quality is that using it doesn't necessarily bring pleasure, it generally just reminds you of why you upgraded in the first place. But saying that, I don't seem to be selling mine do I? :S
  4. jimortality


    Lol no way!!!! you guys do make me lol
  5. jimortality


    You have 2 rigs?????
  6. PaulH


    I started with the Fanatec GT3 wheel, really like the wheel, but it had to go back for repairs, took a few weeks to & fro, so I bought a Thrustmaster TX to tie me over. Needless to say I was blown away by how good the TX is, so the GT3 is my spare wheel now ;)
    TX & Fanatec pedals is amazing :)
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  7. I'll be getting a CSW v2 any day now and I'm not quite sure what to do with my GT3, try sell it (without pedals) or keep it as a spare, the latter sounds tempting but I could use the cash for something else :p
  8. jimortality


    I'm getting so into my sim racing now that If my wheel packed up, I don't know what I'd do. I got it from a catalogue and they are no longer in stock so they wouldn't be able to replace it :-( I may get the G27 as a spare just in case as it is still a very good wheel.

    UPDATE***** I now have a second wheel! at that price, it was too good to not do it plus my credit card people gave me another £500 to spends.........Stupid bastards!!!! lololol
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  9. PC rig upstairs, console rig via wheelstand downstairs by the TV. It's actually very handy to have them in two separate rooms, means I can always race if I want to, no matter what the SO is doing.
  10. jimortality


    Well I have a plan when I get my second wheel. I still have a wheelstand so I'll mount the G27 on that and drive from the couch for stuff like F1 and then I can just get back in the rig for the proper racing :) win win
  11. I have two PC rigs. ;) I only build them once and use them 3-4 years, then a build a completely new one. The last one is still good for Photoshop and other things, so it's my back up (and eventually the home PC for the missus).

    Up until now I only had one wheel at any time. The DFGT still works and probably would for the next few years, but I wanted next gen FFB.