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Do you enjoy crossovers? I want your opinion on something...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rhys Gardiner, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. One of the things I love to do the most besides sim racing is write fiction. Be it original fiction or fan fiction, I love to think up what-if scenarios and try to put them into practice. A select few of you may know this from my first few attempts at releasing fan fiction, way back on PureOffTopic.com.

    Well, in the intervening time since then, I've gotten better, and started thinking bigger with my ideas. So I want to ask your opinions, whoever may be interested, on an idea that I've just managed to get out of my head (after it being in there since I was a little kid!).

    Basically, the question I posed to myself was this:
    What if a crossover story/series existed that brought together every piece of fiction ever created?

    I am aware of the mega-crossover fan fic series known as "Undocumented Features". However, my idea is markedly different to how that particular series goes about combining various different fictional worlds.

    I'll refrain from explaining it all here, and just leave a link to my proof-of-concept for my story: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?bd871bnltxhpah2 (A word of warning: This document contains some in-character swearing and adult themes, so discretion is advised.)

    What I want to know is what you guys think of this. Does this idea have any potential, or is it even possible to accomplish given the impossibly huge scale of what I'm dealing with here?

    I await your feedback...
  2. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Normally, i do like good cross-overs, but most of the time the characters lost their personalities which normally have in their original settings.

    Your concept is crazy, i don't know how you come up with :D. Very big and i think hard for a common writer to handle, but i believe you can do it. (As i have already read some of your fan-fictions, and there is also the fact that you were younger) Describing the organization's (name not mentioned for a possible spoiler thingy) foundation detailedly must be hard to show how they can inspect the things come and go between the realities/dimensions/universes. Tough you may have already have it in your mind or in some texts already.

    Maybe by avoiding trademarked universes, you can even turn it into a novel and publish.

    Good luck and looking forward to see Mr. Dirty Mouth's adventures :)
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Omer!

    That's the biggest problem I'm facing at the moment... sure, it would be great if I could make a proper standalone story out of this idea, but it would be a lot harder to write and actually make it interesting in my opinion. The main question I asked myself when thinking this up was how I could incorporate characters from existing fictional universes. One of the sources of humour for the story is the interaction between characters from different universes, as well as the interactions with the main character himself... not to mention the sheer craziness of his situation and the system he works in.

    So basically, I could do either of 2 things:
    a) Avoid existing fictional universes, which would give me the benefit of publishing the story as a fictional work without angering the men in suits. However, the things that I could do with such an option would be quite limited in comparison to the next option.
    b) Use existing characters/universes. This would cancel out the possibility of publishing/selling the work, but it opens up more opportunities for what-if situations and relevant, meta humour.

    Aside from ludicrous and comedic situations, I also thought that this story idea could be used to discuss what it would mean to live in a world where fiction (essentially) no longer exists. If every dream, character, setting etc. actually existed as I describe in the treatment, you'd be able to live out your fantasies, yes... but what other effects might that have on your quality of life, or your psychological state? With a possibly infinite amount of alternative realities coming into the equation, and engaging in trade with each other, what would that mean for the economy? And so on and so forth... of course, all of this would be played for laughs in the story, but at the same time it could be food for thought.

    What do you think? Anyone else want to chip in with their thoughts...?
  4. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    Gonna red your POC before I gut the hay. As for options, not sure it would work but tippy could have best of both by doing B but give the worlds/characters ProEvo names.
  5. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    It seems starting with choice B, then after a solid experience writing a novel with A would be a nice choice. But you got to decide by yourself naturally.

    Realization of any dream would create so interesting situations, i'm looking forward to read really!
  6. I've written up a mock scene that serves as an example of what my vision of the story is. If you want a basic idea of how the story might read, this is the prototype example...

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  7. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Wow, you write man. Made me wonder the continuation already. I don't know the musician character tough, probably someone from a game-movie-book?

    By the way, i wonder if an universe exists as one, or there are more than one from different dreams. For example, are there other Han Solos?
  8. The musician's an original character. Just some random distraction while Jeremy waits for his ride, and a device used to establish Jeremy's character... though I'm wondering whether he'll play a pivotal role later in the story.

    To answer that question, yes. There are an infinite number of universes in my story, and hence, there will be an infinite number of versions of an infinite number of characters... but for the sake of the story, I will only use the versions canonically known to us. So this story uses the Han Solo that we know from the main Star Wars continuity.
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  9. I've now written up a first draft of a character biography. It centres around the main character of this story, and also sets up my idea for where I want this story to go...