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Do longer Records with ingame Recorder

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Lars Mielchen, May 13, 2014.

  1. maybe ive found a workaround for making longer recordings in assetto corsa...

    Didnt try this yet, maybe some1 can try this today @the Abarth500 Race

    There is a replay.ini file in the assettocorsa/cfg directory


    in this file you can add this command

    MAX_TIME_MINUTES=60 ; specify a maximum time OR
    MAX_SIZE_MB=26 ; specify a max size

    add a time you want to record, it should be given more priority to the record time than the filesize.

    Be sure to make enough space, because 5mins recording means approx 100mb filesize (or more?! dont know :D)

    i made a mklink to a directory on another HDD with more space, so i dont waste space on my ssd for this

    how to make a mklink: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/278262-mklink-create-use-links-windows.html

    (if links arent allowed, sorry please delete ;) )

    EDIT: After Racing, you need to go to the records-directory and rename the "cr"-file. this is the last recording and it's only a temporary file. if you want to save the recording, you need to rename it, otherwise it will be overwritten next time you start a race!!

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  2. Tried this yesterday, unfortunately any value over 500MB is ignored by AC. Also the MAX_TIME_MINUTES value does not appear to take precedence over the internal MAX_SIZE_MB value that AC uses either.

    Recorded the Sunday GT3 Silverstone race with a 500MB value and only have the last 5 laps (roughly 12 minutes).
  3. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    What if you leave MAX_SIZE_MB blank and fill only the TIME?
  4. AC sets MAX_SIZE_MB=26 and uses that
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  5. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium

    I'd say that feature doesn't really work yet. Let's wait for version 0.99994 or so :D
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  6. ok sad -.-
  7. Yeah instead of storing the first few laps of RD at Silverstone on Sunday where crazy stuff happened and i went from 15th to 6th before the first turn, my replay saved the last few laps where i got a tank slapper on the penultimate corner and threw away a place!
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