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DLC4 - HD Pack 1.0

All skins in HD for DLC4

  1. BikeGamer submitted a new resource:

    DLC4 - HD Pack - All skins in HD for DLC4

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  2. thank you..... great work :)
  3. BikeGamer you are the best!!! Thank you so much!!!

    Brilliant skins for the legends pack and now Pepsi Suzuki in work :):thumbsup:

    But I have Problems to put the new skins into the game :(

    I follow the Mixfile Remixer Tutorial, but I don`t know which files I must unpack and repack:

    Only the Content Files in the DLC 4 Folder or other Files like Data.Mix too?

    Waiting for help! Thanks...
  4. I send you a private message. ;)
  5. does it contain all skins that you make before ? :confused:
    *sorry for bad englush
  6. yes, All HD Skins of DLC4
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  7. i need you help pack all file dlc 4 content to shared. caz i can't extrac content file thx so much

    You will have a crash message with Mixfile ReMixer in export (CONTENT.MIX of DLC4)


    You need to choose "Extract selected files only" and select all files without this 2 files :



    Don't worry, no crash, no bug without them.
    Repack with my files.
  9. Great Mod!
    Can't seem to get this working ? First when loading the DLC's it says Mix file is Damaged
    When following instructions above the game says 'Mix File Corrupted' and will not load up Legends.
    Am I missing some thing?
    Oh and Repacked Content Mix file weighs in at 488923 KB
    As apposed to 113601 KB
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2014
  10. O.k sussed it , it works , I found the tutorial and found that the repacked Mix file was repacked in the wrong format (I thought it was SBK 09)
  11. Yes, You need to select "SBK-X/V8" mixfile format for repack. :)
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  12. Where is Casey Stoner ? :O_o:
  13. DLC4 is only 500cc 2 stroke engine !!! :whistling:
    Casey Stoner never ride this kind of bike !
  14. I think Vladimir means are you going to do a Hi def version of 2012 riders ... ??(or Casey Stoner)
    By chance are you going to do a hi def 2012 riders ?... I for one am keen as especially for Ducati Rossi and Hayden (just modified the visor for Hayden on that one) would love to see these in high def.
    Is it hard/difficult to make into high def ??
    is there any tutorial on here yet? ;)
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  15. I've seen MotoGP champions but I didn't see 500cc...My bad
  16. my version West Honda Team (Loris)

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  17. How instal this mod please ?
  18. Hawaiian Guy

    Hawaiian Guy
    Banned on request @Simberia

    NO instruction so i gave you a 1 rating.
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  19. Seriously ? You give me 1 ranting and you think I want to help you after that ? :O_o:
    I remember, you gave me 5 rating for Honda Repsol : http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/resources/2013-honda-repsol-hd.1189/
    It's the same way to install it !!!
    Follow the Mixfile Remixer Tutorial.
    And if you have not yet understood, it is necessary to have DLC4 !!!
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