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DLC for F1 2011

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Bradley Capps-Jenner, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. As we know DLCs are a big way of making money for any company involved in the gaming industry. F1 2010 didn't have any DLC, but I think there is room for some in f1 2011. I know some people will say oh but these things aren't in real F1, but we aren't real Formula 1 drivers and in my opinion too much realism takes the fun out of games.
    I think a real point of interest will be a legends pack, where you pay something like 1200 Microsoft points, or the equivalent in PS3 points, and you get cars for a certain decade from 1950 onwards, and you could use them in sprint mode on online multi-player because the performance of all cars are equal. I also think the pack should include the best old tracks from the past, like Imola, Silverstone (1975), Donington Park, Nordschleife and so on.
    Another thing people have been asked for is a helmet editor, where you can make your own design.
    The final thing I can think of that could be put as a DLC is a safety car and formation lap on which many people have been crying out for, but I think they should be used in online multi-player, because if it was it would come out every lap which would be very annoying, maybe in races over 50% distance, but no less. It should be an opiton for a custom GP
    Any other ideas people have for DLC I would be glad to hear.
  2. Maybe a paddock walk around thing would be nice.
  3. Thank-you mate
  4. Fully interactive grid babes :honk:
  5. ^^^^^^

    That :wink::tongue:
  6. I would be happy if they will make a more realistic physics as DLC. :)

  7. yes please :) i did notice the first time i won the WDC the next season they'd turn around and wave then start blowing kisses. and now i always look at them when im giving an interview.
  9. Why cant they do that any way I don't see why it has to be a DLC.
  10. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    They can't add anything more than cars or tracks in a DLC. So maybe some legendary F1 cars may come with DLCs. But license cost might too high for this too...
  11. It's very simple: if they release the base game with realistic physics, they won't sell as much game as last year. :)
  12. Can you explain in more detail?, I suspect more will buy it.
  13. F1 2011 should be a DLC (or maybe moreover a simple patch) for F1 2010. I will never buy it full price for so few new content, maybe if it is sold for less than 15 € with a big discount on Steam...
  14. Helmut Skrdla

    Helmut Skrdla


    If it had advanced new features like Telemetry, Safety Car, Ability to watch the AI... it may be worth a full game price. As it stands, the featureset that is actually confirmed sounds more like an "Addon Pack" of old which would have cost half the price. Or which could be split into two DLC packs.
  15. The fact you are getting fully licensed cars each year, all the tracks etc is because Codemasters were one of the few companies able to afford to buy the license to do it. The money they spent being able to bring you the first game relies on them being able to sell a full price game each year to make up the initial outlay. If you have a gripe about that then maybe approach Bernie Ecclestone and ask him why it costs so much.
  16. I'd like the DLC to include different tracks like Magny-Cours and Imola, tracks I remember watching f1 races on as a kid.
  17. DLC would be nice. im not convinced we'll get it but if we did this is what I would.

    The Golden Age:
    Various 80's F1 Cars, Gilles Villeneuves Ferrari, Senna's Lotus, Prost's McLaren, Rosbergs Williams and obvipusly the many more from that ere.

    A classic track pack:
    Imola, Magny Cours, and more which i've not thought of.

    Those 2 DLC's would do for me!
  18. Just give me the A1 Ring, telemetry, and the ability to watch other cars when you are in the pits and i'll be happy
  19. yea I would LOVE DLC in 2011. I live in Buffalo NY and the only american around my area that follows F1, and I miss F1 comming to indianapolis. That was such a great venue to race at. Over 200,000 maybe even over 250,000 people attend that race when they were racing there any I know that it's not on the F1 Schedule anymore but I do alot of League racing for both nascar and F1 and it would be nice in a league format for us Americans to have a "Home Race" in multiplayer. Or they could give us a track maker and let us build are own tracks for single player and that would atleast give me my fix. I know with many racing SIMS they try to make a bunch of tracks and the deal breaker is can they get the licenceing for the tracks but atleast they could make the american grand-prix and call the track something else without having to pay INDY for putting it in the game and I hate when game makers say they couldn't get the rights for something, like a said they could atleast make up a name for a track and still have it be indianapolis without paying for the rights and I know some hardcore race fans might not like that having such a famous track given a fictious name but I think 99% of SIM racers could care less of that, I know I wouldnt care just give me a american track please.