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DIY shift lights ?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Fallguy, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Hi all , i'm in the planning stage of building my next cockpit, just a big box of bits and a head full of ideas at this stage. I plan on running Pitwalls motec on a 7" monitor tucked in behind my wheel, so its visible thru the wheel, i've made a steering shaft extension for my G25 to give me room, but what i'd love to do is have a curved row of shift lights just visible above my wheel. Ideally there would be about a dozen lights starting from both sides converging to the middle as revs increase. I want to build a little dash unit which will house the monitor, and i could place these lights , above the monitor in the dash, any suggestions? Has anyone done anything similar?


  2. Yeah, leo bodnar does some. It's not curved if you go with the cheaper M model, but the extra 30 quid for the PRO is worth it IMO.

  3. Spot on Tom :)
  4. Condensed version of your advice mate, it's all it is.

    By the way, if you do end up biting the bullet and getting the SLI-PRO, then you'll need to buy some rotary encoders, and not those rotary switches he sells. I don't really like them, they feel cheap compared to the encoders.
  5. Thanks Tom , I already have a leo joystick controller , and have looked at his SLI's, maybe i could use the sli-m to operate remote led's? I dont need the other functions , they're already covered with the motec. Do you know if each led on the sli-m is programable or just the colour groups together. I'm wondering if it's possible to run 2 led's from each connection? With the rotary encoders, in relation to rFactor , do you know what settings are suitable for this type of switch? I assume brake bias but am unsure what else. I've seen guys home made F1 wheels with 6 or more switches. Does it depend on the mod?

  6. Hi Darren

    If you are careful and remove the LED's from an SLI-M you can place them 'remotely' You can fine tune the points at which each 'shift' LED illuminates in the softs :)

    I use rotarys for: BRAKE BIAS, Menu UP/DOWN, Menu LEFT/RIGHT, BOOST, FOV (seat position) and anything else that uses 2 button strokes to adjust :)

    Hope that helps mate
  7. Thanks Brian , Would there be any issues using a joystick controller and a sli-m? Are there limits to the number of usb devices rfactor will support? Can you recommend any rotary encoders? Sorry ... twenty questions heh

  8. I have more than a few usb devices hooked up and rFactor recognizes them all perfect.
  9. Thanx Evan
  10. rFactor (and most games) only support upto 3 HID interface/controllers, so NP with 1) wheel 2) SLI-M 3) Joystick controller...........But lots of other USB devices can be used, just not HID/Controllers, so you could use Symprojects Revburner/gear indicator etc NP :) I must admit, I use Leo's rotarys, nice quality, and work 100% :)
  11. Thx Brian , His prices are ok too