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DIY G25 F1 steering front (For PS3)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by M.ROBERT, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Hi

    As many of you I too was missing a F1 steering wheel for PS3 games like the Codemaster F12010

    So I made one my self using the Logitech G25 as a base and the inner parts, wire and some of the buttons from the shifter unit.

    The front plate was some kind of compressed isolation material (Comes in white and black) that I bought in a DIY store.

    14 buttons are fully functional (The rest are just for cool looks) I found the Ferrari logo on Google and made all the other stickers using PowerPoint. I bought the kevlar tape in a car styling shop.

    The REW/Gear lights are just for looks too (On/Off switch and a 9 volt battery)

    I have made a video on youtube.com/watch?v=7_2RLAXD9V0 on how to do it.

    I'm not a technical person or a superstar in soldering -but it works :)

    So if you are up to it -have a go at building one yourself

    Wish you all some great racing

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  2. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    F1 wheels aren`t really my thing, but even i have to admit thats a pretty nice job you`ve done there, it really is :)

    Is that your first customisation of gaming hardware?
  3. Thank you :)

    Yes this is my first ever gaming hardware customisation/modification.

    It's seems most custom steering wheels are for PC only. So it was a bit nail biting to do one for PS3 as I could only find people on the internet that had made a handbrake connection to the G25 shifter connection board or people who had bought custom pre-build steering wheel items that could be put together and work with PC only.
  4. Dude, that is awesome, it rearly is... nice job mate.
    I bet it was 'nail biting' taking a saw to your nice g25 wheel... that takes bokkle for sure! :D

    I just might have to have a go at that myself...
    I am just about to press the button on an arc upgrade for the G25, so may get that done first.

    Congrats on a fantastic job.
  5. NOt bad at all! although i cant stand the feel of the stock wheel :) That came out very nice, should be proud of yourself!
  6. Great job sir! Would you be willing to sell some build plans for it? I use a PS3 also and want a mod for the wheel that will WORK.......
  7. Hi Redstorm (And everyone else interested)

    I do not have any "Blue print" work plans. I took photos along the way and made a DIY video on youtube so any one could do it for free :)

    But I have attached some pics of the F1 front. 1) Make a copy of this F1 front and print it out in a size thats fits the wheel. (Make a cut out so you know it fits and use this as a model for size and where to place buttons)

    You can buy the small connectors that's wired to the circuit board in a almost any radio control model hobby store. As this circuit board soldering part needs fine soldering ask the store if they could to help you out on this part if you do not dare to do this part yourself. (All other soldering is quite easy. I learnt it watching youtube :D

    Bring along some print outs of the attached images as a guide.

    Cutting the steering wheel:
    It's important to make the front model before cutting the wheel. You need to know the "upper" depth size of the F1 Front. (depends on what kind of material you end up using for the F1 front plate) And there need to be some space left on the steering wheel where the F1 front can rest and be attached.

    When you cut the steering wheel place some tape as a guide around the wheel right next to the where you will cut.

    Use a dremel (dremel.com) and a fine small saw as you can't use the the dremel all the way to cut the wheel due to the bending of the wheel. (A fine small saw alone is fine too if you do not have a dremel)

    Inside the wheel (as you will see on attached pics.) you need to cut a way some plastic parts so you get a clean "L" shape as this is where the F1 front will rest on the wheel. Cover the edges with some black tape afterwards.

    Hopes this helps you a bit more

    Notice: On the wire plan for ground wireing it says org. right button twice. Sorry for this. On the right side it should have said "Org. left side button)

    Feel free to contact me again with any Q's

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  8. Again, nice work Dude. : )
  9. Yeah I LOVE this mod, low cost and home brew, but looks superb! Once again, goes to show what can be done without spending $1000's
    Thanks for sharing this with everyone and this is very much the kind of thing I LOVE to see here on the forum!

    Really well thought out mod, brilliantly executed. Top marks Sir! Well done :)
  10. Does anyone know if any of Leo's boards will work with the PS3 system? If they do, then i can make wheels for them. I dont think the sli-m or Pro will work with a ps3, but not sure. am mainly wondering about the BU0836 boards.

    Thanks in advance!!
  11. Hi Charlie

    Sorry mate, none of em will :-( Your best bet is to 'canabalizes' as PS3 Controller and use that for buttons :)
  12. Thanks Brian, was afraid of that. sigh ah well.
  13. This is really awesome MROBERT. I am also a PS3 racer and I just got done with the G25 E mod from ARC_Team. My next upgrade is a Momo Mod 26 wheel. Which is basically the same round wheel but suede covered and about .5 inches larger. My goal has always been to move the shift console buttons to the wheel somehow. So to see how its done now is very motivating especially since I know it can be customized the way a person wants. Bravo, great job. I will likely be picking your brain as I put your mod into my design plan. Saved your youtube in my favorites.
  14. Hi therealf1fanatic
    Thanks. I will be more than happy to help you out if I can :)
  15. Fantastic job man used your youtube thing to get here haha has anyone else done this yet is the question?!?!