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Distance = Speed x Time Experiment

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by swaty, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. I wanted to try an experiment. i dont think im getting anything wronge.. but the scales seems to be completly out of proportion.

    Ok... im at mugello and my bike cant go faster that 117 Km per hour. In the first straight before the curve there are signs 150 m to 50 m. (im supposing meters)
    150.gif 50.gif

    The time consumed between 150 meters and 50 was 6.12 seconds (17.5-11.38)
    Speed : 35.5 m/s

    So if distince = Speed x Time then : 35.5 x 6.12 = 217 meters? not 100?

    So either signs are wronge, the track is wronge, speeed o meter or i missed something...:redface:
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  2. The scales always were wrong in this game... I think since the beginning! It seems that Milestone don't want to spend one cent with some work in tracks like other racing simulator games. And, to be honest, i think that their games never was supposed to be simulators...
  3. "i dont think im getting anything wronge" you aren't
    "scales seems to be completly out of proportion" they are
  4. You miscalculate the speed: 118 km/h are 118/3,6 m/s = 32,8 m/s so the distance between the two boards is more or less 200m. That marker should be the 250m one, it's just a texture error, but the relative distance between the two it's correct