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Disconnects from online servers

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tomas Torasen, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Lately my online experience has worsened. I dont know it it's due to latest updates of AC or my own internet. I havent noticed any problems with my own connection and ping values are very low when this happens.

    What happens is sporadic disconnects. It's sufficient to have just one in a race online and your ruined.
    It happens different ways.
    First is that everyone disappears from my track map, I get a red text flashing that it's disconnected from the server, then suddenly it flashes back. This will often flash me back in the wrong place, which really makes me think it's wierd.
    The other thing that happens is that I get a freeze for 1-4 seconds, when I pop back I pop back behind a car that I was in front of, and to other people it looks like I'm teleporting.

    Is this happeneing to any other guys too?
  2. 'Could be' connection issues (more than ping). Though it's happened to me too few times, not sure what's causing it. Look at my map and surprisingly see no more cars other than mine.LOL
  3. Jempy

    Premium Member

    May I ask you which motherboard you have ?
    I have the same kind of problems of disconnections except teleporting which I never experienced.... and know its ethernet controller is a real nightmare.
  4. I'm not sure which mother board I have, I cant find it in the device manager, or not sure how to do so.. But.. I didnt have these strange behaviours online before so I'm suspecting something happened to the net code or programming handling connectivity in some way.
  5. Jempy

    Premium Member

    I have an MSI motherboard with a Killer e2200 Gigagit Ethernet controller .... with the driver installed together with a Killer Network Manager .....
    This is really a shame to have such a bad system .... they know it since a long time and don't do anything to settle the problem.
    I already tried different proposed solutions of the web .... but now I'm so bored ... I'll never buy again an MSI motherboard for that reason. I'll soon add a pci ethernet controller and it will settle everything for a few euros.

    Loss of connections is one of the consequences of this crazy Killer controller ... and I cannot accept this as it is.

    Leaving this aside, for the servers we're administrating at our league we never had such complaints.
    For our servers I kept "CLIENT_SEND_INTERVAL_HZ=15" in place of 18 as proposed by the new Server Manager.
    I already read sooner somewhere ... that the higher was this setting, the more teleportations and problems happened.
    Does it happen on many servers or always the same ?
    Didn't you upgrade your PC to Win10 before the latest update ?
  6. I use windows 7. I only raced enough to judge this problem on the aloog server for spa, which is quite highly occupied most times.
  7. I had this happen to me twice:
    constantly 'connection issues' during the rest of the evening
    so it told me 'connection issue and suddenly i was alone on track
    tried it on different servers: same thing happened
    the day after it was gone
  8. Perhaps someone could transfer this info/thread to the official forum and make some sort of bug report? I totally forgot my password and can not log in to that site.