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Dirty air

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Chris de Jong, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Hey guys!

    I was wondering about your opinions about the dirty air with the physics we are using now.
    Silverstone was really a challenge, to see 2 cars going trough copse corner with the guy following having to lift because he thinks his front wing is missing instead, its just the dirty air.
    After the maggots beckets complex how do you think sector 1 of suzuka will be like?
    I would like to know your opinions on these matters because i think a lot of people struggled with this unrealistic form of aerodynamics to a point where it gets frustrated.
    I dont know if there is even a possibility to change these physics but im certainly wondering what your opinions of this matter are.
    at some tracks its possibly better to let someone go for 1-1.5 seconds in order to not be affected by the dirty air.
    Silverstone it was just epic to see specially trough copse where people automaticly lost 5-7 tenths when they where "to close behind their opponent"
    Might be im the only one who asks questions on the credibility on this matter but im really looking forward to your replies!

    For certain people dont put this out of proportion.

    Tom Hanks
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  2. I don't have a problem with it. Its apart of high downforce (due to wings) racing
  3. I think it's realistic and I like it. I hope it will remain like this.

    See you soon Tom,
    Bud Spencer
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  4. Tbh this was probably the track where the dirty air is worst and its not like it was a surprise to anyone. There was a vote of this in the start of the season and even Bono made a video of the exact corner and how bad the dirty air was so i dont really understand why people start questioning this now. Imo there hasnt been any problems overtaking wise before last race if even there, I think there were plenty of overtakes in every race. Also Suzuka s1 wont be as bad as silverstone was because it doesnt get even close speed wise to silverstone. I think its fine as it is atm.
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  5. It can probably be lessened a bit, as long as it's not made too easy, like it was in rFactor 1...
  6. (from other Thread)

    Ya and if you use a high downforce setup you`re not able to pass on straight. Dirty air should be reduced. Maybe by 20%. I dont see that much dirty air at F1. We have same downforce level like F1, so we should use the same dirty air level...
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  7. Thats what I was talking about in that other thread... just to reduce it slightly
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  8. As I said, it's a compromise. Also what you said is not true, he managed to pass fast guys like Patrik and Alvaro on fast sections (even though Alvaro re-passed him later with a very nice and risky move).

    You don't see that much dirty air at F1, but car performances aren't also equal like here.

    Instead of complaining try to find better compromises on the setup. I told the same to my drivers some days ago ;)
  9. Well the dirty air is nasty... but with a bit more lift off and then full throttle again (depending on setup to) u dont loose that much. Well... u loose time but not that much. Just test it.
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  10. easier said than done;)
  11. There is no reason to reduce the dirty air , as david already said jonny is the best example for it . He surely lost some overall laptime pace but it was a brilliant overtake setup especially for the 2nd race.
  12. Being on dirty air isn't like reducing wing angle, it's more than that. Lets say for example, if you are in the slipstream and you win 10 kph you have less downforce than having wings for 10 kph extra without slipstream. Why? Easy, when you are on dirty air your downforce is reduced in all aspects, including the downforce generated by the diffusor, which is the main downforce generator on the car.

    Just imagine for a moment your Silverstone set with 10 kph extra due less wing angle, you would lose a great amount of time, right? Therefore the slipstream should force you to lose even more time.

    I see it pretty correct at the moment, no reason to change.

    We either see many overtakes in Silverstone/Suzuka due circuit characteristics.
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  13. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Also take into account, that car performances are equal. In F1 it's fair to say Mercedes could overtake a Caterham fairly quick even when losing downforce due to the dirty air.
  14. I would say "try it". If anything goes wrong you can always revert to the original. I'm sure a lot of people will like closer racing.
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