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Mods DiRT Rally Mod Manager 0.2

Quickly and easily manage your DiRT Rally mods

  1. ProjectApollo submitted a new resource:

    DiRT Rally Mod Manager - Quickly and easily manage your DiRT Rally mods

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  2. I put my changed cars on the new folder, but I don`t see in program manager :(
  3. You're gonna have to explain a bit more. What is "the new folder" and what is "program manager" (I'm guessing you mean mod manager by this one.)

    Did you select the right mod directory when you started the program? Are they compressed archives (.zip, .7z or .rar?)
  4. Hello my friend

    Yes is this program "DiRT Rally Mod Manager"
    I creat all folders, the game, the backup, and the mods.

    No, I don`t make zip or rar files, I put the complete folder.

    I need zip the folder correct?

    Exemple the car : 6rb I changed all the files on Models and interiors
    I make the zip of this 2 folders correct?

    Thanks :)
  5. All you need to do is put the archived mod folders that you download from race department (they all come as archives anyway) into a folder of your choice.

    You don't need to change anything yourself inside the game directory. Just run the mod manager and use the checkboxes for each mod in the list, that's it.

    Mod folder: All of your mods that are archived (Point the mod manager towards this directory)
    Game folder: This is where DiRT Rally is installed (DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THIS FOLDER)
    Backup folder: Where you want your original DiRT Rally files to be stored (AGAIN, DO NOT CHANGE THIS FOLDER)
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  6. Thanks :)
  7. but this is problem of this mod. I think.
    In my case i have 36 mods for my cars, and after install all, I exit from the mod manager, and after enter again, I only have 9 mods installed, the other aren't installed.
  8. Super nice. Could you please include the possibility to add cars from other codies games? I have dirt 2, dirt 3 and grid 2 for example. They work in Dirt Rally but take a lot of file renaming and copying and so on. That would be totally awesome!
  9. Can you give us a screenshot of the mod manager showing this? Might help us understand a bit better.
  10. ProjectApollo updated DiRT Rally Mod Manager with a new update entry:

    Version 0.2

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  11. Hello

    See the picture after install all my cars, and exit form the manager.
    When I run again the manager I get this:
    after all installed.png

    The same with the last Version :(


    All my cars are changed.
    Exemple: Mini couper S I changed all liverys.
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  12. Did you remove all your mods from the DiRT Rally game directory before using the mod manager?
  13. yes, fresh instalation.

    37 files installed, BackUp is Ok.
    After exit and run again is missing Some X on files installed. :(

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  14. Can you take a screenshot that shows the files inside a few of your .zip/.rar/.whatever files in your mods folder?
  15. see, I have the folder mods on the folder of the mod manager

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  16. That doesn't show us much. Can you double click on a RAR and then show us a screenshot of that? We need to see what the files look like inside the RAR file.
  17. In rar I have:
    Interiors and Models
    after I have the car, and after all libverys with all cars.


    Only the mods for change the cars work.
    I have mods for change the routs (country's) and the Mod Manager stop work.

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  18. We know the problem but we won't be fixing it because it's a lot more effort than it's worth just for one user.

    Simple answer: Make your mods smaller rather than having one big mod for each car. Do not have one huge mod for a car, split it into smaller mods.

    We know about countries not working, that'll be coming in a later update.