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Dirt Rally Dead??

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Ian Cameron, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Guess by the lack of posts Dirt Rally has run it's course and people have lost interest in it. Correct me if I'm wrong, would be a shame if so after such a short time.
  2. that's the way the cookie crumbles. with rally games only a fresh supply of stages (read: a moddable engine) will keep interest alive. That plus the not-quite-so-well-done online championship mode in the game have probably led to a slowing down of interest. participation in the daily online events run by codemasters has about halved some months back but has stayed at that level, so there are still many who play it. Here at RD it was felt, or so it seems, the engine did not support proper tournaments / championships, so a league was talked about but never quite got off the ground.
  3. RaceDepartment hasn't got the only forum on the web.
  4. which ones?
  5. Is DiRT Rally 2 coming this year or next year?
  6. What's that supposed to mean?
  7. I was going to say something similar, but being kind of single-mided and conservative when it comes to web use, this is the only playce I really know. There should be plenty smaller ones, also more local ones (I used to know some German ones but haven't been there for years.) A quick search will probably yield a couple of active Dirt Rally leagues. Can't one search in the game or ontheir website?
  8. Codemasters Forum is quite active and full of rally enthusiasts. As for RaceDepartment, there are still mods coming out, so no, DiRT Rally is not dead yet. And nobody apart from Codemasters knows when the successor is coming out.
  9. MoerasGrizzly

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    That Dirt Rally not being discussed much on this forum doesn't mean that it's 'dead'. To take an example, iRacing is also not discussed on this forum, yet it's quite vibrant.
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  10. I'd go further and say that RD members focus on multiplayer racing and game modding. DiRT Rally's multiplayer is not really enough to sustain active conversations.

    I'm sure there are plenty of guys who still like to login and do a few stages (e.g. the daily/weekly rallies), but the game is old enough that nobody really needs to talk about it: Everyone who has interesting in playing already has.

    Looking at the Codemasters blog they are clearly hinting at DiRT Rally 2, but no announcements yet. That will get the conversation flowing.
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  11. i hope they will add the stages from dirt rally into dirt 2. So there will be many many stages.
    i am one of the people who pretty much lost interest after driving the same stages over and over
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  12. yes, such a pity it seems to be absolutely impossible to adopt stages from older iterations of the game. By now they must have produced six or seven full games worth of stages and only one can be played. i have actually considered re-buying the original DIRT or the last two in the McRae series because I liked the stages so much, but then again, don't think they will still run under windows10 now, won't they?
  13. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
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    Drat, and here's me just finally being able to join in on PC and now its dead :(
    Oh well, guess I'll have to start another championship or something :roflmao:
  14. You can still have weekly time attacks or something right?
    Just need to set a time on a specific car and stage and then other challengers might still be interested enough to jump on and try to beat your times, discuss set ups or tips etc.

    I know it's heavily online-centric here at RD but some of us can't make the times due to where we are currently living on this giant mudball, but plenty of people still play Dirt, and F1 2016 shows that offline single player can still give good experiences.
    I jump on now and then but the lure of close racing online in AC usually wins with the limited time I have available.
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  15. The Steam forum is actually pretty good for getting info from Codies and there will be no more DLC or anything for the game.

    They are concentrating on Dirt Rally 2, whether this means more cars or more stages I don't know, but they are slightly hampered by not having the WRC licence, therefore they are I think trying to offer varied stages rather than an actual WRC series type deal. Hence snow, tar, icy tar, wet gravel, dry gravel!

    They did it on the cheap lets face it, every country is really only 2 long stages split up, so in reality they have only drawn 10 stages overall, although they are excellent, the best ever drawn for a rally game. But fair play to them their DLC was free and was all dropped within a year, the usual lifetime of DLC for games like this.

    For me rallycross should be dropped, that licence will be costing them and compared to the rally part of the game it's a very poor relation. I understand why it's there, but the car physics are awful and it's only there really to offer console users an online section to play in as it was only expanded into more than one class when it was released on console.

    Unless they get the full WRX licence and do all tracks, in its current state it is pointless. But I worry about the fact that due to Loeb doing WRX now and it likely being incorporated in newer versions of his game, which is similarly awful!! lol
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  16. they could be doing erc or, even better do 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s revival stuff. it's their strong point next to the fantastic tracks, so why not forget the recent rallying and do an historic title?
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  17. DiRT Rally should be arriving today for my PS4, got it on rental. It definitely didn't do it for me on the PC but I'm hoping to be a different story on PS4.

    If they can address the super grip, hard surface behavior, extreme tire "bite," improve work with wheels and FFB on PC, cockpit view adjustment, and that apparent side aero thing (only read about this), then whatever's added on top - more stages and things to do - will be worthy of a racing title of the year award.

    If CM is active with DiRT Rally, maybe it's worth having someone write a note on these areas the majority seems to agree and know that developers will be seeing it.
  18. well, there are the very active forums at steam and at codemaster's themselves, so i am sure these issues have already been noticed and/or considered. On top of my personal wishlist would be a) longer stages, and b) tires which convincingly lock up in the older non ABS cars. I'm more than happy with the rest.
  19. So I just got it in the mail last night and from my initial impressions, it is a perfect racing game for consoles! It requires adequate driving in order to do well, and the forgiving tires help make up a little bit for the gamepad inputs.

    Edit: So far, it seems to work very well for smaller or FWD cars, but when there's a little more grunt and tighter areas, the input lag and limited steering lock kills it. Tried tweaking the deadzone, sensitivity, and linearity but cannot find something that fully satisfies me.
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  20. Well pCARS 2 is going to offer rallycross (which means licensed cars and tracks) as part of their mixed surfaces development, with presumably a much more reasonable physics engine underneath. But as for leaving Rallycross out of DR2: don't forget that console users need to be given some kind of multiplayer racing element if you want to appeal to a broader user base, and Rallycross is good for that.

    Oh, and while I wait for the inevitable "pCARS 2 will be simcade" answers.... pCARS 2 will also offer ice surfaces: perfect for all those guys who regard driving on ice as the ultimate racing sim experience :D