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Mods DiRT Rally 3D Templates for Photoshop (Part I) 1.0

3D templates for PS to help skinning easier

  1. Henky SA submitted a new resource:

    DiRT Rally 3D Templates for Photoshop (Part I) - 3D templates for PS for help skinning easier

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  2. Is there some youtube-tutorial on 3d-photoshop that reveals how to use this?
  3. different game, but the basic is same. (skip the specocc part. the applying texture section is what you need).

    if you want a more detailed steps (can't do videos ATM) :
    1. open the car's PSD/PSB file.
    2. after opened, go to the Layers panel. highlight the "template xxx" (xxx means car name. for example fiesta wrc) and double click the name
    3. now you have new window of 2d template. paint there.
    4. if you want to see the changes, switch to 3d project window. wait for a while and you see the change.
    5. repeat step 3-4 until you get a satisfying result.
  4. Wow, this is unbelievable!
    It was direction 2 I needed and all my livery-dreams came true! :)

    Thanks a lot!

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  5. just ask if you need further assistance. i'm glad to help. :)
  6. I think I will manage, but thanks anyway
  7. Is it possible to have a full detail with others textures in this 3d maps?
  8. Can you upload the templates for just 2D as I only have CS5.1 which does not have the 3D function. I open the PSD file and rasterize the 3D layer. If I cancel it doesn't open the file. If I press OK There is only one layer, no 2D option.

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  9. Hi,
    I need your help to understand how to overwrite the trasperenti glasses. I tried but the result is that the writing (driver name) is inside of the glass and not above.
    Second question : where I fill the tires?
    Thank you in advance.