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Mods Dirt 3 engine sound files collection to mod dirt rally engine sounds -0xf00

dirt rally engine sounds

  1. robnitro submitted a new resource:

    Dirt 3 engine sound files collection to mod dirt rally engine sounds - dirt rally engine sounds

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  2. Good work on getting these! I will try them out soon
  3. Thanks for pointing out that you can exchange the .bdl files quite easily. This seems to work for other Codemasters games as well. So you can use car sounds from Grid 2 for example... just in case you want a V12-Sound for your Mini.

    One question: Does anyone know, which file is used in Dirt 3 for the Mini Countryman WRC? I love how this sounds in Dirt 3 and I'd like to have this in Dirt Rally. But I can't find the file for some odd reason.

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  4. Cool, maybe zip up some grid 2 files and share. I don't have the game anymore!
    mcr is mini countryman 2010
    A list I found somewhere, up to date for now:
    mcs - Mini Cooper S
    ful - Lancia Fulvia HF
    alp - Renault Alpine A110 (05/04/2016 Update)

    kad - Opel Kadett GT/E 16v (29/06/2015 Update)
    131 - Fiat 131 Abarth
    cme - Ford Escort MK II
    str - Lancia Stratos

    1980s [RWD]
    m3r - BMW E30 M3 Evo Rally
    srs - Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500
    r5t - Renault 5 Turbo (05/04/2016 Update)

    Group B [4WD]
    6rb - MG Metro 6R4
    aqb - Audi Sport Quattro Rallye
    rsb - Ford RS200
    20b - Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2
    lds - Lancia Delta S4

    Group B [RWD] (29/06/2015 Update)
    mta - Opel Manta 400
    037 - Lancia 037 Evo 2

    Group A
    ers - Ford Escort RS Cosworth
    555 - Subaru Impreza 1995
    ldi - Lancia Delta HF Integrale

    F2 Kit Car (29/06/2015 Update)
    sik - Seat Ibiza Kitcar
    306 - Peugeot 306 Maxi

    R4 (3/11/2015 Update)
    sti - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C R4
    mer - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

    2000s (30/09/2015 Update)
    fow - Ford Focus RS Rally 2001
    imp - Subaru Impreza 200
    for - Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 (3/11/2015 Update) (3/11/2015 Update)
    c4r - Citroen C4 Rally (3/11/2015 Update) (3/11/2015 Update)

    mcr - Mini Countryman Rally Edition
    ffr - Ford Fiesta RS Rally
    pol - Volkswagen Polo Rally (7/12/2015 Update)
    i20 - Hyundai Rally (7/12/2015 Update)

    Hillclimb (26/05/2015 Update)
    20p - Peugeot 205 T16 Pikes Peak
    aqp - Audi Sport Quattro S1 Pikes Peak (PP)
    405 - Peugeot 405 T16 Pikes Peak

    Hillclimb - Modern (05/04/2016 Update)
    208 - Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak

    Rallycross Classic (05/04/2016 Update)
    mix - Mini Classic Rallycross

    Rallycross 1600s (05/04/2016 Update)
    ocx - Opel Corsa Super 1600
    clx - Renault Clio S1600
    27x - Peugeot 207 S1600

    Rallycross (03/08/2015 Update)
    dsx - DS Automobiles DS 3 (25/08/2015 Update)
    frx - Ford Fiesta Rallycross
    pox - Volkswagen Polo Rallycross
    20x - Peugeot 208 WRX
    mcx - Mini Countryman Rallycross (25/08/2015 Update)
    stx - Subaru WRX STI (25/08/2015 Update)

    <Tracks & Folders>
    The list of the "Tracks & Folders" in the following directory.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally\tracks\locations

    (Note: Folder name, Track layout & direction order.)

    Jamsa, Finland

    * finland *

    - route_0 Kontinjarvi [Long] (a => b)
    - route_2 Kailajarvi (a)
    - route_4 Naarajarvi (b)

    - route_1 Hamelahti [Long] (c => d)
    - route_5 Jyrkysjarvi (c)
    - route_3 Paskuri (d)

    - route_0 Kakaristo [Long] (e => f)
    - route_2 Iso Oksjarvi (e)
    - route_4 Kotajarvi (f)

    - route_1 Pitkajarvi [Long] (g => h)
    - route_5 Jarvenkyla (g)
    - route_3 Oksala (h)

    Monte Carlo, Monaco

    * france *

    - route_0 Pra d'Alart [Long] (a => b)
    - route_2 Gordolon - Courte montee [Sprint] (a)
    - route_4 Col de Turini sprint en Montee [Sprint] (b)

    - route_1 Col de Turini Depart [Long] (c => d)
    - route_5 Col de Turini - Sprint en descente [Sprint] (c)
    - route_3 Col de Turini - Descente [Sprint] (d)

    - route_0 Vallee descendante [Long] (e => f)
    - route_2 Col de Turini - Depart en descente [Sprint] (e)
    - route_4 Route de Turini Descente [Sprint] (f)

    - route_1 Route de Turini [Long] (g => h)
    - route_5 Approche du Col de Turini - Montee [Sprint] (g)
    - route_3 Route de Turini Montee [Sprint] (h)

    Baumholder, Germany

    * germany *

    - route_0 Oberstein [Long] (a => b)
    - route_2 Waldaufstieg [Sprint] (a)
    - route_4 Kreuzungsring [Sprint] (b)

    - route_1 Frauenberg [Long] (c => d)
    - route_5 Kreuzungsring Reverse [Sprint] (c)
    - route_3 Waldabstieg [Sprint] (d)

    - route_0 Hammerstein [Long] (e => f)
    - route_2 Verbundsring [Sprint] (e)
    - route_4 Flugzeugring [Sprint] (f)

    - route_1 Ruschberg [Long] (g => h)
    - route_5 Flugzeugring Reverse [Sprint] (g)
    - route_3 Verbundsring Reverse [Sprint] (h)

    Argolis, Greece

    * greece *

    - route_0 Anadow Farmakas [Long] (a => b)
    - route_2 Pomona Ekrixi [Sprint] (a)
    - route_4 Koryfi Dafni [Sprint] (b)

    - route_1 Kathodo Leontiou [Long] (c => d)
    - route_5 Fourketa Kourva [Sprint] (c)
    - route_3 Ampelonas Ormi [Sprint] (d)

    - route_0 Perasma Platani [Long] (e => f)
    - route_2 Ourea Spevsi [Sprint] (e)
    - route_4 Abies Koilada [Sprint] (f)

    - route_1 Tsiristra Thea [Long] (g => h)
    - route_5 Pedines Epidaxi [Sprint] (g)
    - route_3 Ypsona tou Dasos [Sprint] (h)

    Hell, Norway [Rallycross]

    * norway *

    - route_0 Full Circuit
    - route_1 Clubman Circuit

    Varmland [Rally] & Holjes, Sweden [Rallycross]

    * sweden *

    - route_0 Full Circuit
    - route_1 Clubman Circuit
    - route_2 Junior Circuit

    - route_0 Ransbysater [Long] (a => b)
    - route_2 Algsjon Sprint [Sprint] (a)
    - route_4 Stor-jangen Sprint [Sprint] (b)

    - route_1 Norraskoga [Long] (c => d)
    - route_5 Stor-jangen Sprint Reverse [Sprint] (c)
    - route_3 Skogsrallyt [Sprint] (d)

    - route_0 Hamra [Long] (e => f)
    - route_2 Elgsjon [Sprint] (e)
    - route_4 Ostra Hinnsjon [Sprint] (f)

    - route_1 Lysvik [Long] (g => h)
    - route_5 Bjorklangen [Sprint] (g)
    - route_3 Algsjon [Sprint] (h)

    Powys, Wales [Rally] & Lydden, England [Rallycross]

    * uk *

    - route_0 Sweet Lamb [Long] (a => b)
    - route_2 Pant Mawr [Sprint] (a)
    - route_4 Bidno Moorland [Sprint] (b)

    - route_1 Geufron Forest [Long] (c => d)
    - route_5 Bidno Moorland Reverse [Sprint] (c)
    - route_3 Pant Mawr Reverse [Sprint] (d)

    - route_0 River Severn Valley [Long] (e => f)
    - route_2 Fferm Wynt [Sprint] (e)
    - route_4 Dyffryn Afon [Sprint] (f)

    - route_1 Bronfelen [Long] (g => h)
    - route_5 Dyffryn Afon Reverse [Sprint] (g)
    - route_3 Fferm Wynt Reverse [Sprint] (h)

    - route_0 Full Circuit
    - route_1 Clubman Circuit
    - route_2 Junior Circuit

    Pikes Peak, USA [Hillclimb]

    * usa *

    - route_0 Full Course
    - route_2 Sector 1
    - route_4 Sector 2
    - route_6 Sector 3

    pikes_peak_historic [Mixed Surface]
    - route_0 Full Course
    - route_2 Sector 1
    - route_4 Sector 2
    - route_6 Sector 3

    pikes_peak_historic_02 [Gravel]
    - route_0 Full Course
    - route_2 Sector 1
    - route_4 Sector 2
    - route_6 Sector 3
  5. xXAiykoXx


    why are you posting the track list? xD
  6. It was the whole text in clipboard, oops.
  7. I would have welcomed the suggestion had you not been sarcastic and denigrating.
    I was helping out someone who couldn't figure out a car file name. The text file I had saved, without a URL, and I didn't recall where I found it originally.

    If you look at the post above I wrote "A list I found somewhere, up to date for now:"
    So, no, I was not stealing anything.

    But why do I let trolls annoy me? Maybe because they don't add anything constructive. Have you helped any with your sarcastic comment? Yourself, maybe.
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