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DirectX version - moving off 9

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Stingraymx, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Stingraymx


    A fresh install of Windows 7 gave me Directx 11, however my old video card (Radeon 2900) only supports to 10 as far as I know,
    So SCE wouldn't run (missing dll) until I ran the Directx installer within the SCE folders, which installed version 9.

    Is there a way to upgrade it to 10?

    Sceconfig shows 9 in use, whereas Windows reports that 11 is installed.. I believe 10 was meant to improve things over 9 so would like the run the latest my card can support
  2. No, SCE is programmed to run directx 9 only. As are rfactor, rfactor 2, RR3E and Race07. Assetto Corsa and Project Cars use directx11.

    If, for example, a game ran directx 10... it would do so to take advantage of the extra shaders and effects of that version of directx, so it wouldn't actually be a performance improvement.
  3. Stingraymx


    Ah brilliant....thanks for that info. I'll get on with playing it rather than worrying then !!