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Directx problems

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Anthony Levene, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. I'm getting the following message when trying to run the config to set my triple screen resolution:


    I've tried re-installing the gfx card drivers, GSC2012, directx 9 but nothing is working :(

    All my other sims are working fine.
  2. Strange. Has it worked before? If that is the latest driver (January?) the only thing I can think is to try going back to an earlier driver version, maybe GSC doesn't like that driver for some reason.
  3. I'd recommend downloading and installing DirectX 9.0c again, and if by any chance you ever moved from an Nvidia card to this one, make sure that all Nvidia drivers are uninstalled.

    Otherwise, just re-run the config and see if you have any luck running it again.
  4. I've been running GSC for a long time with no problem. The problem is the config won't even run...I just get the error message.
  5. Have you installed any other software recently that may be running in the background? I've been messing with amBX lighting and suddenly when I go to start GSC it says my trial period has ended (obviously I have the full game). It turned out that an amBX prog running in the background was messing with it. In task manager I stop the process (for me was ambxfxgen32) and GSC runs fine.
    Maybe open task manager and see what processes are running that you may not recognise.