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Direct join into the WC 2012?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Beastyyyy, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Hello guys,

    i have a question. Now the season is over and the next season coming in few months.
    Is its possible to buy a license for a Team (120 €) and join directly into the World Championship? Or we have to start in the World Series?

    Hope you understand my POOR english and my question :D

    Thanks for your answer!

    MfG benni
  2. You don't have to start in WS... you can pay and get straight in. I think is a space, but you will have to speak to David Dominguez (ISR president) and I think the cost is a bit more than 120£
  3. Thank you :).
    Can any Admin contact me and say how much it costs to join directly in the WC?
  4. You have a PM.