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Digital Version-Need Help

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Kol Bailey, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys.
    I got the Digital version of RBR and I wanted to know it I can install mods on it? I can't find any folders. Please help,
  2. What is the Digital version of RBR?
  3. You buy it online and the install link is sent through a confirmation e-mail.
  4. Install or download link? I mean, have you downloaded it and then installed on your machine?
  5. I'm not familiar with any Download version of RBR, but assuming there is one, I would assume that some of the usual Mods can be added.
    However, I'm confused by your info quoted "I cant find any folders".

    Are you saying that after installing your version, there are NO sub-folders in the game? That seems highly unlikely to me. Or are you looking for similar folders to those you might find in games like rF or Race 07?

    More info might help us.
  6. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Just to lead this away from thought of pirating. It's seems legit.
    Here is a site that sells it digitally
  7. Sorry, I mean folders like rF and Race 07.
  8. Ah, ok, there is a totally different file structure in RBR, it is a much older game.
    If your base RBR game is working ok, then you should be able to install some of the mods. I can only speak for RSRBR2012 though, I don't have experience with the others. RSRBR2012 will give you a huge amount of addon content but it is also a very big download and install.
    I suspect that the Czech mod should also work.
  9. Yeah that's the mod I was aiming for. So how do I install it? Is it easier than rFactor?
  10. RSRBR 2012? Somewhat easier, as you just need to run the install file, and everything else is done for you.

    Basically, run the installer, and point it to the folder you installed the game in. Detailed instructions here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/rsrbr2012-installing-and-using-guidelines.12743/

    Also thanks to Ole for the link, had no idea that existed.
  11. U have the RBR installer inside the Downloader File, so I just put it in there?
  12. I assume you are referring to the RSRBR2012 Files? I assume you have already installed your base RBR game?

    All of the RSRBR2012 files when downloaded are already installer files, so just run them and point the installer to your base RBR Folder. Same applies for the Update installers. I think a couple of the extra files for RSRBR2012 (car packs or track packs) may be zipped. If so, unzip the installer file and run it as per the RSRBR2012 installers.
  13. That's what I thought, but the problem is that it wouldn't let me install it inside an RBR base folder I made. So your saying that I need to make a folder in Program Files titled "RichardBurnsRally" and then direct everything to there?
  14. No. Don't install anything in Program Files.

    Why doesn't it let you install in your RBR folder, what error message do you get?
  15. No!
    You should already have your base RBR installed before starting to install RSRBR2012.
    You need to run the RSRBR2012 installer from wherever you have it downloaded to. When you commence the install, it will take you through a few screens, one of the last ones will be where it will install to. It should automatically pick your base RBR Install anyway, but check it to make sure it is correct.

    BTW, if you are using Windows Vista or Win 7, don't install your base RBR to the Program Files folder. Install it somewhere else eg. C:/Richard Burns Rally.
    Please follow the instructions in the link Senad provided above.
  16. Okay. I don't see a link. And it says on the installer: C:/ProgramFiles/Eidos/Richard Burns Rally
  17. Here is the link again for instructions for installing and using RSRBR2012:


    Then I assume that you have installed the base RBR into the default location when you first installed it.
    This will cause you some problems if you are using Win Vista or Win 7.
    You need to uninstall your base RBR, then re-install it, but make sure to install it to a different location as described above. ie. C:/Richard Burns Rally
  18. Okay thanks. I think I got it from here. Just one more question, where exactly should it default to when I reinstall it?
  19. It (RBR) will probably default to the same location you posted before: C:/ProgramFiles/Eidos/Richard Burns Rally

    So you will have to change it from the screen that comes up. Change it to C:/Richard Burns Rally.

    Then, when you install RSRBR2012 (and all the Updates etc) it should automatically default to your new location of RBR:
    C:/Richard Burns Rally.

    RSRBR2012 should always default to wherever your base RBR install is located. But it is wise to check it anyway before accepting the install.

    Make sure that your base RBR is working ok before starting any installs of RSRBR2012.
  20. Okay it's all working fine. Just one more question, is there Subaru Colin McRae mod? I can't seem to find one.