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Difficulty settings?

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by roguerunner23, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Hi guys! this is my first post... normally love the f1 games and this year is no different with one exception... the difficulties. F1 2015 i could play on the hardest difficulty with even a Force India and challenge for the title, but this year on legend i find the differences between expert and legend at at least 2 seconds for the AI... now to me that is ridiculous as expert is too easy - 4th in the championship at Japan with Manor. Is anyone else finding that the gap between the difficulties is ridiculously large??

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  2. it's kind of ridiculously large gap, yes ! They should add a "slidebar" for the iA difficulties. Something like the one you have in ProjectCars.
    or a percentage (70% = expert, 80% = legend, then you can put 75% to be fine)
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  3. i agree! or just make the gap less between expert and legend... i havnt even tried on ultimate and on this basis there is no way i will!!

    at least im not the only one to think this!!
  4. I agree. I got through a half season in a Haas and was leading the championship by a wide margin on expert. I restarted the career and switched to legend and find I have a really hard time beating my teammate in qualifying, sometimes I'm nowhere close to him. While I think this difficulty is just right for me, the performance gap between legend and expert is enormous. I haven't tried them yet but I'd bet the bottom half difficulty levels must be completely useless even for beginners.
  5. But in reality you should be struggling mid to lower pack and struggling to beat your team mate. So switching to legend is the right thing to do for you.
  6. i do agree with this that you want it to be a back and forth battle with team mate etc but when on expert you beat team mate by say 1 and a half seconds in every qualy session to then changing it on legend and being beaten by him by 2 seconds is a bit of a joke... same with races, on expert il be chasing down the AI and overtaking them easy (expert therefore is too easy) but i put it on legend and they are 1 or 2 seconds a lap faster with a big train of drivers behind me? it doesnt make any sense :/ i love the game but it sort of takes the fun out of it
  7. I agree. Disparity between expert and legend is way too large. They should tone down legend or make expert a little faster.
  8. Hi, how many secods there are between (gap) the various difficulties as medium, hard, leggend and so on In the same track?
  9. Most people report about a 2 second difference which is way too big. 2 seconds can be the difference between pole and back of the grid. People have been asking for a difficulty slider since 2010 yet they ignore it every year. At the very least there should be no more than a 0.5 second gap between each level so everyone can find a difficulty that suits them. I've resorted to playing on Expert but gimping myself by only using default setups and lean fuel setting in qualifying to give some AI balance but still find myself a little too quick. Also AI are way too slow in the wet, at least 0.5-1 second per lap.
  10. Ok thank Paul
  11. Yeah about 2 seconds... it's really bad! At least it isn't just me that is finding it either too hard or too easy! Iv tried to put legend difficulty on qualy and expert in race but I just start in like 16th etc and come top 6... it's a joke!
  12. yeah this ruins a great game big time!!! It's 2 seconds for me, too for each difficulties. It at least should be 1 second in disparity.
  13. I agree 100%! If they patched this it would be so much better! It's so hard playing on pad too that it makes the ai more difficult I guess
  14. I have the same problem...
    already wrote codemasters support but they say they arent playnning to update the AI-Difficulty settings :(
  15. Same here. Expert is too easy and Legendary too hard.
  16. I had the same, Expert was too easy and I was off the page at legendary. But it all boils down to practice. I did an entire season just to practice and I found myself going faster and fast and now I am (with me really pushing hard) on pace with the AI, some tracks I am still down on pace. But I can see the improvement.

    I'd say stick the difficulty to Legend and just go for it. You'll end up with a far greater sense of achievement once you start hitting your targets or end up in the points (depending on the team you drive for)
  17. well, they inserted the new 'master' difficulty with the latest patch which is lined in between expert and legend. What are your thoughts?