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DFGT wheel with H Shifter & clutch ??

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by LazyBug, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. I wonder if i can add H shifter & clutch for my DFGT wheel (PC) and if that can be done i like to have as much suggestion as possible about which H shifter & clutch i could add & their price. Or is there any web site or forum specially apply information & selling all this stuffs ??
    Thanks for the concern.
  2. You can if you buy a separate H shifter and pedals with clutch. The wheel itself cannot control them.
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  3. You mean its not possible to get single clutch pedal to my original gas & brake pedal ?? Also which web site is the best place for stuffs like this ??
  4. No, I mean you can bye pedal set from Fanatec and use it as separate device. Something like CSR Elite pedals or CSP. I think there was a way to use G27 pedals too but I'm not sure.
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  5. Ic. I thought there are some single clutch pedal in the market so i just buy one clutch pedal and use it with my original DFGT gas & brake pedal so wont cost too much.
    Still i like to know where is the best place to go for buying stuffs like this. Amazon ??
    Thanks first.
  6. I bought my pedals from fanatec site directly.
  7. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Don't think you can add just a clutch, I use G25/27 shifter and pedal set with my DFGT wheel you will need Leo Bodnar cables to hook up.

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  8. Thanks for that info. By the way how much it cost to get this G25/27 shifter and pedal set ?? Fanatec clutch & pedal set are much too expensive for me. Thanks first.
  9. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Have a look around for used, e-bay or sim forums I got lucky found my set for UK-60 pounds :)
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  10. Looks like DFGT + clubsport pedal actually much expensive than a G27 ... not quite sure which i should get :whistling: