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DFGT settings?

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Hal Burns, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. After the new FFB patch, I am a bit lost. Anyone with a DFGT got settings that they like?
    Are you running Logitech Profiler and starting the game from there? ( for this game, as suggested in these forums, I am running 100% damping and 900 degree steering), defaults in Dirt Rally. I have messed with steering torque with no real joy and have Soft Lock on.
    I am finding the steering vague with lots of input required and the FFB pretty weak...no feel at all on tarmac, like you are driving on ice. ( The Ice is actually better).
    I'm thinking of setting the steering tighter in Profiler ( 360 as in many other games) to avoid having to spin the wheel around like a madman in the woods.
    Any tips appreciated...maybe start a DFGT thread here.
  2. Based on my experiences with Thrustmaster wheels since the patch, and my memories from when I was using a DFGT, I would suggest:
    - turn off damping
    - turn off soft lock
    - experiment with degrees of rotation between 360-540 in drivers (or leave the drivers at 900 an adjust steering saturation in game... 40%-60% saturation is the same as adjusting 360-540 in drivers)
    - consider increasing things like self-aligning torque, suspension or collisions above 100% (they go up to 150% max) just to see what the end result is
  3. Good tips......thanks
  4. Had a bit of a fiddle...getting there...will post results when I'm happier. A long way to go yet, I think......I loaded up Raceroom after and had a go around Macau.....yeah, baby, nice FFB there. I'm hoping that once the tarmac stages (Germany) get done that they will sort the FFB out in Dirt Rally....it's holding back a great game.
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  5. Installed the Impact FFB mod....great improvement...I can work with that. Thanks for the tip.