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DFGT noise

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by AlexC, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Hey DFGT owners

    My brand new wheel is making a lot of noise for 'rumble' effects. Since it's my first 'true' FF wheel I don't really have a point of reference. I have a Ferrari GT Experience wheel though that only has rumble and doesn't make this noise.

    Could you please check the video below and tell me if I should send the wheel back?

    The FF strength is set to 100% in logitech profiler and 100% in game. Normally I run it way down for F1 so it's not so extreme but this is just to show the effect.


  2. I checked some DFGT videos and it seems that this is a normal behavior (even G27s seem to do that in F1 games). I'm relieved to know that my unit is not defective and will set vibration effects a bit lower in games.
  3. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
    Premium Member


    Dose seem a bit loud but try tuning down your FFB settings. You don't need set every thing to the max, it will put a lot of ware on the motors inside. I do own this wheel the FFB is strong and it will vibrate so turn the settings down in game,
    100 % in profile is normal and test if it's still making loud noises maybe return could be faulty.

    Post a video when you make the changes
  4. Hi Paul,

    I have now changed the settings as follows :


    Overall strength 100, everything else at 0


    environmental effects 10
    feedback 90
    wheel weight 10

    Vibrations are weak but noticeable and are barely audible. If I bump the first slider to 30 it gets pretty loud.

    Also, it gets louder when I'm going in a straight line. Since there is no 'force feedback' in the middle I hear the motor switching directions very quickly. It's barely noticeable in turns though (when wheel ff is applied).

    Is there such a thing as a force feedback deadzone?

    I'm pretty happy with these settings. However, tbh the rumble effect was better in the cheap ferrari gt experience wheel. This was all that it did but it did it well. Vibrations were silent but strong, just like in a gamepad. I wonder why they don't put a 2nd motor just for vibrations in the wheel. I opened it yesterday and it seems that vibrations are done by the main motor by quickly switching the direction so obviously gears are making a ton of noise.
  5. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
    Premium Member


    Sounds like you have better set up now. Myself I keep my game settings low/medium you don't need the wheel to shake out of your hands just a feeling that your on curbs bumps ect, you control the wheel not the other way round.

    To get the best out of it check the forums sections for advice on in game settings as per title, can't help you there as I don't race F1

    Good luck :)
  6. Thanks! :)
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