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Development: True2Life-Racing & LMT DTM 2008-2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Very well advanced in it's progress...


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  2. Oooh, you're converting LMT's mod? I'm eagerly awaiting more details. :)
  3. I had actually finished it 8 months ago but was waiting for their latest cockpit, but then things have gotten in the way. So, once a few more things are tidied up and finished and released (other mods), this get the new cockpit and latest skins versions and it'll be on the open market :)
  4. Just out of curiosity, do you ever sleep? :redface:
  5. not much, it's 2.18am now and have work in a few hours :)
  6. Gunthar Rowe doesn't sleep. He just has a reboot button. :D
  7. haha like it!
  8. awesome pics Stephan !!
  9. just added 2 shots of the Audi R14 (one 2009 and one 2010)
  10. Fantastic, this should be a goody :)
  11. Hope it will come soon :)
  12. me too
  13. not dead this mod!!!! I mistakenly copied the 2nd to latest backup build of the mod to a new folder and renamed it (as I do between each and every version) deleted out the GameData/Teams folder so I could drop in the newest one in. then in the game install I deleted the folder, emptied my rubbish bin as the working mod I have is ~1.3gb (x2). All sounds good right, except I forgot to copy the latest build over from the game install to my backup folder. AWESOME! So, I have to redo all the work since my last backup/beta build sweet I love that!!
  14. Murphy is your friend? :D :rolleyes:
    Don't worry, we wait patiently :bang:.
    Our thoughts are with you...

    - so hurry up :bomb::knife::zip::thunder::pill: :thanks:

  15. ohh damn

    but we are waiting

    maybe hihi
  16. Oh man. Sh*t happens. Try using some undeleting software. TuneUp Utilities or some for undeleting only. If you haven't downloaded and copied a lot of stuff, there is a great chance you can revive your data. There are a lot of freeware programs you could try. I hope that works. If not - well, we will apprieciate your hard work twice concerning this mod :p
  17. hahahahaha, I pissed myself reading this.... I download up to 5 Gb a day including builds of mods, videos of cars on track, cockpits, tracks etc... It took me 5 days to workout that I didn't copy across.... :)
  18. (dead links)
    all made with your "old" DTM Mod.....
  19. Chances to retrieve your work have come close to 0 unfortunately:(
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Not open for further replies.