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Development Time-line for Dirt Rally

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by thewarmer, May 18, 2015.

  1. Saw somebody had posted this link on Steam.
    So I decided to share it here.
    Its details all the planed updates & forth coming DLC until November 2015.
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  2. Hope they don't wait until the last day of May for the Pikes Peak release.
  3. I think it could be this weekend , after all its a Holiday weekend across Europe , this would give people a fair amount of time to test the new FFB that they say they have made & is now been tested by a rally driver or drivers, so it is finished.

    It would also be nice to start giving realistic feedback instead of been hampered with the short comings of the FFB issues.
  4. Yeah, I have been jumping back and forth between Project Cars and Dirt Rally and laughing at the FFB in Dirt. Should be interesting to see!
  5. Don't get your hopes up for FFB in the Pikes Peak update... They already said it would be later, since they had to rewrite and need plenty of feedback (also from pro rally drivers) before releasing the updates.
  6. They have enough exp to put reasonably competent ffb in now, then they can tune later.
  7. Only a few days ago they said they had sorted the FFB out & where adding extra adjustments into the menus screens,

    Though you have to scratch you head thinking about why ho why is it that Codemasters can not grasp FFB or what as been the standards layouts for fine adjustments in any quality Sim for a long time now.

    Remember CM showed lots of development Video's of Pro Drivers testing Dirt 3.

    Ok some may not class Ken Block as a real Pro driver , but they also Chris Meeke A current WRC driver & former IRC Champion.

    So to be fair CM should have had plenty of real world feedback about better force feed back.
    This also shows up the the fact that saying you have pro drivers helping means anything more than a good PR for CM.

    If we go back to the first CM rally games Colin McRae , just how much input did he have in the development.

    At least with Richard Burns Rally , we no he gave a lot of imput into the resulting game, due to that fact its still classed as the standard for a rally sims.

    The current FFB & other changes are now been tested by a Rally driver.
    The results we will soon I hope find out if we will be getting what we have been wanting for a few years now.

    I hope CM are listening this time around & not just blowing a lot of hot air around.
    Yes it feels like there some thing promising if they follow through on what they say they want to do.

    However there are still lots of niggling errors with sounds & some of the Car Models & CM's famed History of only producing arcade type games.

    But like most here I have paid my money , as long time Rally fan I live in hope of getting a real or close to real Rallying game.

    Due to the content of Dirt Rally not been based only on current cars but Classic too & I am a little old school I started following rally from the 80's So Escorts Fiat 121's & all the Group B cars & the later Group A cars are closer to my heart than the current WRC cars.

    So I for one need a game that as those year in it & not just the Current WRC Era.

    As much as I loved RBR its was only mods that gave you other car types & only after a years of hard work from modders.

    I enjoy the game as it is but it still needs a lot of work yet .
  8. I strongly suspect Dirt: Rally started life as a console game, hence no mouse support, and FFB that is more like controller rumble than proper force feedback. Call.me Mr Cynical, but maybe PC support was hastily added and released into Early Access to obtain more cash for development. Just saying...
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  9. Very plausible for sure... And remapped controller buttons. They confuse the heck out of me, I have no idea my wheels button numbers :/ pretty annoying.
  10. that!

    i still get 16 / 17 / 18 mixed up on my g27, at times with real consequences. i keep forgetting to put some stickers next to the buttons with the proper number spelled out. it's also quite silly to use your shift paddle for selection in some menus.
    Last edited: May 27, 2015
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