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Demo version limitations

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by DrBrown54, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I tried to build a oval track with the demo to see if I could even attempt at building anything worthwhile. I'm usually pretty good at anything graphic related since I've done a lot of sketchup and photoshop work. I found some tasks very easy and others impossible. I wasn't able to import any x-packs or add on textures or materials. And editing the track surface seemed like it was limited. I was hoping someone here could tell me if the demo was limited like this or am I too retarded to figure it out? Just trying to decide whether or not to buy the full program.
  2. Propably limitations of demo becouse off course it is possible to import xpacks and textures etc... No reason to have xpacks if you couldnĀ“t import those to btb :) the program is definetely wort off buying. Best track creation tool.
  3. There are no limitations in track surface modelling, I think you need to work on it :)
  4. There are no differences between the demo and the fully-licensed version other than the fact that the demo is only available for a fortnight. So keep trying and ask anything you want in this forum. Quick! Before the fortnight is over! :D