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Apps DeltaBar v1.30

iRacing-style variable color delta bar

  1. jsanfroop submitted a new resource:

    DeltaBar - iRacing-style variable color delta bar

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  2. Very nice! Having switched from iRacing to Assetto Corsia this was something I missed.
  3. jsanfroop updated DeltaBar with a new update entry:

    DeltaBar v1.27

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  4. vbabiy

    Premium Member

    What does timing window mean?
  5. The timing window is similar to the lower left window in iRacing:

    It updates the sector information live as you drive.

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  6. Hey, I made a couple of icons for your app, to drop in assettocorsa\content\gui\icons
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (First one's white on white background, so hardly visible on the forum, but it's here)
  7. cool and helpful app for seeing how to drive faster, but there must be problems with mod tracks.
    I have driven in hotlap mode with the ghost in front of me, but it said often "- xxx"??
    there are also mismatches beetween other deltameters.
  8. Thanks, good app, very useful.

    There is a "*" symbol between "-" and first "0" on display, like that : -*0.76
    that's intended?
  9. On tracks where it won't work, it shouldn't show any information at all. Which track were you seeing something strange?

    DeltaBar saves your lap data when you exit AC, where the builtin performance meter is only for the current session. Try clicking on DeltaBar a few times until it says "vs session best lap" to compare.

    The ghost car comment sounds odd :) What car/track and what mode was DeltaBar in? To match a ghost car you probably want to leave DeltaBar in "vs session best lap".

    The * symbol indicates you went off track, and it won't set that lap lap/sector as fastest. Also if you reset the session while off track, your outlap may still be marked as invalid. If you are seeing the * without going off the pavement please let me know the car/track.
  10. Ok, thanks for info. I check this symbol when i drive (without going off:D) and i will come back to tell you if this work well or not.

    EDIT: that work well, thanks.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
  11. @jsanfroop: Thanks for answering.
    I tested it on Lausitz Eurospeedway and Modena with the M235i in "vs session best lap".
    Later used it in a long distance race on the Nordschleife.
    There it worked without problems. :)
  12. Thanks for the app (I'm coming from iR).
    However the timing windows doesn't want to appear for me.
  13. thnx look forward to giving it a try.
  14. GMC


    I really liked this app but it doesn't seem to work anymore since the latest update. Is anyone else having problems?
  15. jsanfroop updated DeltaBar with a new update entry:

    DeltaBar v1.30

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  16. @GMC give v1.30 a try, should fix it for you. I like your profile photo!
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
  17. i love the iracing-style.
    when the +time is red
    and the -time is green
    this is optimal for me.
    Can you make it ?
    Please please please ...
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
  18. GMC


    @jsanfroop - That was fast! Thanks so much! It works perfectly. this is such a great tool and fun too :)

    My avatar photo is a 1908 F-1 Panhard. they don't make them like they used to :)
  19. I wanted to install this app, but somehow NOT A SINGLE app is working for me. I haven't played the game for quite a time, so just installed it again yesterday and installed a few apps. But none of them are working. I did enable all on the Settiings -> General tab, then jumped onto a track and wanted to select/activate them. But they are not appearing in the list. What is going on? Can anyone help me out?
  20. Hi, this is a great app. Excellent work. But I have one question. Would it be possible to make this app work with "Nordschleife Tourist"-Track?