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Misc Deleted [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Mods' started by ltcars, Nov 7, 2016.

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  1. Before I mess up my favorite mod car (and all skins): does this give the choice between standard and 620r (like some other cars with different versions) or do these files simply replace the existing ones ?
  2. They replace them but if you want you can create a new folder called caterham_620r. If you do this you must change the name of the caterham_academy.kn5 file to caterham_620r.kn5 and then go to the lods.ini file located in "data" and change the name inside the file from caterham_academy.kn5 file to caterham_620r.kn5.
    Hope I could help you. ;)
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  3. I could have uploaded the hole file but I didn`t wanted to mess around with copyright.
  4. I forgot to say that you must change the sfx-folder too. For that you must change the name of the .bank file from caterham_academy to caterham_620r. After that you open the GUIDs.txt fie and repete that.
  5. I got it working but it's very easy to blow the motor if you over rev it.
  6. I will fix that in a couple moments
  7. That's better thanks for your efforts.;)
  8. Thanks for the name tip. Somehow I forgot that one ...lol... Works fine now. Maybe I should add a star ;-)

    Edit: just noticed that the rev lights (using Fanaleds) refuse to work in the mod. They work fine in the Academy edition though (as in all other cars/mods). Any idea ?
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  9. It worked before, but now I get this error message:
    content/cars/caterham_620r/caterham_academy.kn5 NOT FOUND!!

    EDIT: Turns out that the name in data/lods was wrong. Fixed that and the car works.
    But while it lacked power in the previous version, it is now near to undrivable. Maybe it is for Ken Block ? I even spin when pushing the throttle in 6th gear on a straight...
    Sound seems to be worse too.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2016
  10. You must change the lods.ini file again
  11. Yeah, got Ninjad...;)
    See my edit.
  12. Tyres are not adaptated, gearbox not the good one, to much power
    I made a copy paste and a few modifications from other cars (tyres, brake, gear box) and made a power lut from graphical found on the net .
    mod edit - External link removed

    If you want a try i think this is closer from a 620r even if it's need a lot of improvement
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  13. Can I upload that instead? You will get the credits.
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  14. You now what, I will delete this resource and you can create a new download.
  15. If you want to use it you can, except the power.lut nothing come from me, i have uploaded it as a base of work.
  16. You should do it. I´m tired of my stupidity.
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