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Delete Black dots

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by i-claxf1, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    is there someone that know which is the file (or files) in the F12010 folder to delete black dots on the track, like the pre-patch ?
    Thanks ...

  2. These "Black Dots" are normally shown as white as they represent the other cars on the tracks and so they are the cars that have completed laps and cannot take further part either in Practise or "Qually" at the end of these sessions and I for one would not want to even think about deleting them. Imagine if you're on a "flier" and you come around a bend/corner and slam into one of them! One wrecked car.. well possibly two actually, and you'll no doubt be flagged for dangerous driving too and maybe even get a suspension/start the next race from the back ofthe grid, or whatever other "punishment" the AI deems fit to hit you with?
    (I wonder what would happen if you did this.. not even thought about it to be honest... not gonna try it out either to see what the AI does to you if you do this either.)

    If you don't want to see these "Dots" on the track at all.. white or black then you can choose to opt out in the paddock via the game settings if I recall. I prefer to leave them on the track to enable me to see where traffic is in a race etc.
  3. I think he's talking about the dark dots on the tarmac.
    And generally you shouldn't ask yourself "which file in the F1 folder...", many people waste time tweakin the game this way and then complain to "CrapMasters" when something bugs.
    In this case, there's simply a graphic option to switch.
    Don't know which one, but I remember I saw them once while I was running test benchmarks.
    You may turn all graphic options to off, and try them one by one to see which one creates these dots.
    I would start with skidmarks & cloth
  4. ah... ok. I didn't think he meant that. I just ignore it, it's tarmac! It (tarmac) isn't meant to be as smooth as a babies bum..! :) lol
  5. Hi,
    yes, I'm talking about the dark dots on the tarmac ! I think about a file, but I don't which, the we can restore to version 1.0 to delete these dots on the tarmac ....