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Default View

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Craig Stevenson, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    Where to set\change the default view?, I've just stared at all the in-game menus and cannot for the life of me see an option to select a default view but I'm sure it used to be there :unsure:


  2. Using Controller,keyboard or wheel?
  3. I think you may have misunderstood the question mate?, I'm asking about game settings, the input method is pretty irrelevant :confused:
  4. Do you mean the fov?
  5. No mate your actual view, which at the minute is on Cockpit, I normally use Bonnet view, so have to manually switch when I cross the line leaving the pits but I'm sure there used to be an option for setting your default view, i.e. Cockpit, Bonnet, Swingman and it would automatically switch, it's a PITA having to do it manually.
  6. Well it does actually

    on a controller, Xbox, it is the y button.

    On my Logitech wheel it is the lower left button.

    Never looked what the keyboard is.

    Probably have to map a button or look in the control settings
  7. That's not really the same thing bud, that is a "Controller Config Setting".
  8. ahh, ok, I have no idea than :D
  9. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    I don't think there is such an option.
  10. Is'nt the last used wiew the "default"? (as soon as you left the pit)
  11. It is for me
  12. Problem solved? :)
  13. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Seems to me that default is cockpit view now and not the last one used.
  14. No not for me, when I leave the garage it's always on Cockpit, which is normal, many games lock to Cockpit while in Pit Lane, when I cross the pit Exit line I can then switch to Bonnet view but I have to do it every time. I haven't played since MP was first released for DTM:E and I'm pretty sure it used to switch automatically to Bonnet view and also convinced there was a setting for the chosen "default view" as in Race 07....

    Race View Settings.jpg

    I've had another look and unless I really do need to go to Spec-Savers I cannot see such an option now.
  15. I'm not going mad here am I?, they have changed something, @Jay Ekkel save my sanity mate?
  16. Maby in the rcs-file? I'm not near my computer so I can't check.
  17. ?
  18. I can confirm, that since the last Patch (Oct 8) the cockpit cam is always the default view after leaving the pitlane. Before the last patch the default view was the last cam the player has used (e.g. bonnet, hood, etc.). It was automatically switched after leaving the pits.
  19. FFS Which bright spark came up with that not so bright idea?. So if you want a view other than Cockpit you have to MANUALLY change EVERY TIME you leave the pits and presumably when joining the grid of an online race session you will also start in Cockpit so you have to manually change there too?, if so that is just plain STUPID! :mad:
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  20. I would assume that is a bug