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dedicated server wont appear?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Brian Antonio, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. The screen showing your open ports looks to be correct. I am not sure why you have also put the server in the DMZ (since you are already forwarding the necessary ports, that itself should be enough). Do you also run a firewall on If so, inspect its configuration to make sure it is not blocking incoming traffic.

    Also you state it is not visible for most people. What exactly do you mean? Does it not show up in their matchmakers? If so, that could also be because of an issue on their systems (not increasing the number of concurrent updates comes to mind). What happens if you ask them to directly connect to your EXTERNAL_IP and PORT by adding that to their server lists in-game? Does that work?

    For future reference, this question is also cross-posted here:
  2. They can connect to it if they hit the blue plus button at the top of the multiplayer list and type in the external IP, I disabled DMZ

    I want everyone to see it in public though
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  3. Ok, so the problem is they do not see it in the matchmaker (= the server list). Let the people who do not see it open their multiplayer.ini in UserData/THEIRPLAYERNAME and search for the line that starts with "Concurrent Server Updates". Change the value to a lot more than 400 (I suggest 4000). Even then, it might require a few refreshes before it works.
  4. If I have to tell everyone to do that then I wont have a very successful league. On a old server provider I used to pay for virtual machines I didn't have to do this.
  5. And people would find it instantly.
  6. Any idea?
  7. Well, all I can tell you is that it is quite common to change that parameter. And not something that changed recently either, so I don't see any problem telling people to do this. They need that anyway to see the full list of servers. It is not just your server that goes missing.
  8. It sucks, I don't know if it is to many mods or what. Like said it works fine on the server I used to pay for that I would access remotely. It ran server 2008, now I host my own running server 2012.
  9. It has nothing to do with the number of mods.

    The "Concurrent Server Updates" parameter specifies the maximum number of servers that any client will ever fetch. It was probably introduced to limit the bandwidth used when requesting the list. Nowadays it's safe to say that for most people that will not be a concern anymore which is why I recommend to increase the number.

    So why did ISI never increase the default? Not sure, maybe they should have. On the other hand, most people create their driver profile once and keep (even copy) it from installation to installation, so I'm not sure if we would have been in a much better place had they done that.
  10. Davy Vandevenne

    Davy Vandevenne
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    This is common overlooked.
    Did you ticked 'Matchmaker announce' when you setup your dedi server?
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  11. had the same issue had the wrong ports in the router
    I'm using
    TCP 34297-34298
    UDP 34297
    TCP 34447
    UDP 34397
  12. yes
  13. Is tcp 34297 the start port and 34298 the end port because I can't enter udp 34297 because my xfinity router says it's a duplicate
  14. but you can say both ports together I think I have a fritzbox 7490 now before I had a crappy box from my provider allways trouble with it
  15. so like this

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  16. I reset my server btw thats what ipv6 and ipv4 are different
  17. not sure about the ip thing me using ipv4
    looks now different did you tryed if it is running yet?
  18. not yet but what I have circled is that right
  19. Drivers is lazy they wanna have direct ip so they can join server direct.
    But when i set server like picture shows with a start port and a end port means that servers only can be joined from lobbylist not by direct ip.
    Becasue when join by direct ip drivers get a join time out like servers not respond.
    If rfactor servers use start end port same port as port for my driver pc shows join a server by ip should works but because i have router that just allow 20 items i set up servers as this to save items/port even if servers not can be join by direct ip when host many servers the port can be different every time it start up so have same port to server is need to start them up in right order. with cports http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/cports.html look at the picture how i did it with a old router

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