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Tracks DAYTONA 2014-06-16


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  2. please,can i put the circuit on my web?
  3. Phil Dufour

    Phil Dufour

    Well done ...Thanks ;)
  4. Been driving the oval and it's a hoot. Only problem is there's a huge bump on the track at the pit exit that launches all the road cars and you end up either in the wall or off the track in the midfield. Any chance you could smooth it out?

    Thanks again for the track.
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  6. Thanks for the track:thumbsup:
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  7. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Dat Camber :D

    Good work !
  8. I have tried numerous time with different car but I cannot do a AI that work on that track, has someone found a way and can share it?
  9. Same here.. AI not working then it also tells me to Pit..
  10. OK the Oval is great but you have one HUGE issue. at end of front straightaway going into turn 1 the white stripe that goes around the track has a break in it. that is where you have a track part that is missing and its not a bump its a drop off. its like you stretched the track is there is a space inbetween the two ends. also touching the wall throws you in the air that needs to be changed but great work all the same
  11. Is anyone getting bad textures for the tire markings on some parts, especially before turns? Will post screens if i can get some good ones later.

    Also was this a quick port, or will there be further development on this?
  12. Daytona oval ... :)
  13. I spy a Bentley??? whats this??? :) :)
  14. It's an illegal conversion with stolen physics....and horrible sounds.....
  15. Bad camera in the replay.:(
  16. Any updates ( removing bumps) coming up? Or is this yet another not perfected track?:O_o:
  17. Pitstops are not working?
    Greetz class
  18. The Pit Stop still doesn't work? What's the use for this track anyway? I was looking forward for this track updates with Pit Boxes for the multiplayer :(
  19. I just need this.
  20. in any version of Daytona they were Without decent and worthy of being called TV Cam Such, perhaps those who converts THESE tracked it should Hold Account