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Mods David Higgins Rally America 2014 Subaru Impreza SRT USA 1.0

David Higgins Subaru Impreza Subaru Rally Team USA 2014 Rally America Champion

  1. howitzer155mm submitted a new resource:

    David Higgins Rally America 2014 Subaru Impreza SRT USA - David Higgins Subaru Impreza Subaru Rally Team USA 2014 Rally America Champion

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  2. You mentioned about working on Travis Pastrana's car and the fog lights. In 2015 (this year) Red Bull dropped out on his sponsorship. Maybe it will help.


    Would you mind taking a request?

    I would love to see these two, I think they are simple, I don't know.


    For a short time in 2013, they ran silver wheels I thought it looked better.

    Also there is this one too:


    Black looked good on the all white.

    I know these take some time, just wanted to throw this out, in case you want to.

    Thanks again for the 2014 version.
  3. Thank you very much for that, the Pastrana Livery is pretty much finished. And I thought about making the 2013 one as well, part of the reason I wanted to make these specifically is because I loved how they looked during the Sno*Drift Rally, and thought of the Winter Wonderland update in the future.

    Alright, so, the third one you showed me is David Higgins' 2012 Subaru from the Olympus Rally in Ocean Shores, Washington.

    I can't upload it myself because I didn't make the skin, but I have converted it to DiRT Rally for you personally here: https://www.mediafire.com/?bht849lqda317u8

    drt 2015-11-12 07-07-12-40.jpg
    The original was by hoonhead

    The livery replaces the default OZ Racing livery (livery_29), but you can always change the number at the end of each file if you'd prefer to replace another.

    Hope you enjoy!
  4. Thanks, man, love the plain white for whatever reason.

    I posted a Link on Codemasters DiRT forum for the 2014 skin.

    Also tweeted the Greece pic and link, David Higgins himself gave a like!

    Hope I'm not being too presumptuous, just a big fan of SRTUSA and Rally America. Made a few enemies asking for a US rally event in DR, too many Europeans out there ;)
  5. I know how you feel, it was the first skin that caught my eye when I first played DiRT 3 on the PC.

    I think it's just the simple but high performance look of it.

    And dang, I feel pretty special now, I've been watching the Launch Control series more recently and always admired both Higgins and Pastrana. Pastrana especially, since I've seen him in person and watched him back when he raced AMA Supercross.

    And not at all, since Codemasters can't have the rights for WRC, it would be awesome if they could get a license to put Rally America cars and tracks in, it would bring a lot of popularity to it.

    I was actually just thinking if they could at least add a few Rally America Venus.

    I think I might make some more Rally America skins in the future for other cars too.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy these skins, tear up those trails!
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