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David Dominguez - 2015 Presidential Campaign

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. To whoever that is interested in FSR's future, here I attach my presidential campaign. It contains an important update of the club's statutes and structure; for instance every FSR team would instantly become part of the club now, not just WC teams.

    If you have any question, let me know.

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  2. are you willing to keep rF2 as the main Simulation for next season?

    reason why i ask this is because there is much speculation about FSR switching to Assetto Corsa, which is too early for us, even me.
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  3. plus would you consider Avid Sports (i am the controller of that btw) the Highlights Provider for next year, will give you details if accepted.
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  4. You are the best president FSR could have.
    David is the correct choice to build a FSR with FUTURE. No doubt about his loyalty and no doubt about his commintment.

    I wish you and FSR all best for the future.

    An old friend.
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  5. Thanks Santi, I hope we can talk soon :)
  6. Interesting read David. Some big changes there, but i feel that considering everything David has done for FSR over the years, he deserves a chance to try his idea's.

    Team owners and anyone who will influence the decision on Presidency must realise that RADICAL CHANGES ARE NECESSARY. Don't be fooled into thinking it will fix itself, because that attitude by keeping things mostly the same will surely decrease FSR into nothingness.

    Something must change if FSR has any hope of not just Survive, but Thrive.
    I hope you get it David and wish you the best.
    PS: I have some idea's (1 big) which i think could potentially help FSR, let me know if you are interested to learn about them.......
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  7. Why not Karim, but I suggest you to post it here in public, so everybody is aware :)
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  8. I think it's the other way around, you should provide details if you want anyone to accept a proposal.

    Regarding rF2, that would be the decision of the Technical Director, as I say I want to delegate in few guys to have big decision powers.
  9. get ready for long post in 1...2..

    Idea: Have a free racing competition in FSR (Demo): How many simdrivers/enthusiasts see the FSR website and right away leave when they see they have to pay (little) money to race? My guess is too much. This is a big shame for FSR because these people have alrdy left FSR before they have gotten to know it.

    If FSR leading up to the next season (1-2 month's or more) AND during the actual season itself have a competition running which is completely free i think this could potentially attract (a lot of) new drivers/people to FSR which is obviously much needed atm.

    Obviously there would be limited acces/restrictions.
    1st Mod: you could choose any open wheel mod for this= Gp2, F3 or possibly even the BETA pre season FSR mod for 2015 or mod from 2014. Racing with Full Mod will offcourse only be allowed when official license is bought (3 race or Full).
    2nd Sponsors: only a FSR-General car is allowed to be used by all drivers. No own sponsorship or paints or anything. Also this only allowed when licenses are bought by team.
    3rd Rules: only drivers who do not have a present or past FSR license are allowed to participate. We will only allow drivers with (past) official licenses if the Allocation deadline has passed and grid is not yet full (26 cars).
    4th Format: No points rewarded, Race positions (Wins) will be counted and resulted in GPCOS, but they will not count towards an official point scoring championship. Racing for points will be exclusive to Pro/Ace and WC.
    Friday or Saturday. 2 races of 50% for example. Perhaps no Qualifying and grid will be decided by allocation in order to reward those who allocate soon and to know how many will turn up relatively quickly. You could reverse grid from 1st Sprint race finish result, so the winner of sprint race 1 starts last in the 2nd sprint race etc..
    5th Lap demands: Every (new) driver must have done at least 50 laps on the practice server on the current track 6 hours before the Free race starts to ensure that they have at least a little comfort on the car/track and decrease the chances of them ruining it for other new drivers. (You could possibly also have (50) Lap demands on the FSR practice server for PRO/ACE/WC with a deadline of few hours to increase chance of professional driving in all categories)
    6th Reputation: it gives an official talenting scout to all team owners who are looking for new drivers to sign to their official championship teams.

    Most important:
    it gives FSR the ability to say and promote that they host Free Open Wheel Racing on quality tracks for any simdriver interested

    If anyone thinks this idea is stupid or will not work, don't be afraid to tell me. I can take criticism. I am only posting it because i think it can potentially help. Hope there will be reactions, just putting in my 2 cents
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  10. 2nd idea (short):

    Open a permanent idea topic for example called: The suggestion box. Where everyone who has idea's that could possibly help FSR can post their suggestions and discuss these with staff and other members.
    Rules for staff: FSR staff responds to each suggestion made by members and communicates with them about these suggestions.
    Rules for members: Each suggestion must be clearly explained why it could help FSR.

    Every succes has started with an idea followed by dedication and discipline to execute it. Sometimes the most ridiculous idea's turned out to be surprisingly effective, so don't be afraid to post things that you think might be dum, because you never know. We should promote FSR focused brainstorming among all FSR members who are interested in it.
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  11. 2nd idea is surely interesting, but 1st idea isn't very different to this, for example (or last year's Winter Series). Only difference is that it happens before the official season, but that's all.
  12. fair enough, permission for me to create a thread or should i PM the new President from the 1st December
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