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Misc Database 1997 Mod Fix 1.2

Database 1997 Mod Fix

  1. golvellius59 submitted a new resource:

    DATABASE 1997 Schifty Mod FIX (version 1.2) - DATABASE 1997 Schifty Mod FIX

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  2. chianamik


    try 'this new database, but first I had no problems crash.i have a problems with the database of the new season 2013...... it seems that there are 2 different database schemas

  3. Yes yu will got some problem with both because 2013 have one car less than 97 season.

    Also, need to change flag for driver. Look in the image of Driver tab, its already done i think, just not in green.

    For Fisichella, we need to change Nico for Nico 2 Inside the database.
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  4. With this fix it works now...no crash:thumbsup:thank you
  5. no crashes, but flags problem remains - flags matches to the 2012 season pilots
  6. I have send another updated version (other db source) to golvellius with fixes for nationalities and some other things (like Jan Fisichella). But he didn't respond until now.