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Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Lancey, May 21, 2015.

  1. Has anyone got this to work with project cars. I installed DASHMETER pro and it is recognised but for some reason it won't work. Have also enable shared memory as requested to do.
  2. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    Works for me , you do have the correct ip number in preference ?

    Oh ,and in game menu settings make sure shared memory is ( YES )
  3. Correct ip in preferences, shared memory set to yes. When I do a test its connecting fine just have to keep trying.
    Do I need to place it in a specific folder or just in the main folder (project cars).
  4. William Wester

    William Wester

    The DMP executable for pCARS/AC doesn't need to be in a specific folder, if it is running it will pick up the output from pCARS or AC.
  5. Thanks William.
    Will keep trying. Probably something simple I not doing right.
  6. Make sure the It's the IP of the device and not the computer.
  7. I'm using Race HUD app and i just wanted to hear how happy with Dashmeter Pro are you guys. Any lag, any major disfuncionalities? With RACE HUD, all works fine since last build. There's allways enough room for more than one app (different cars, different huds) and i think that developers deserve all the support from us users (since prices are really bargain). I'm also using VDash, but haven't tried Dashmeter yet.
  8. Flying Kefran

    Flying Kefran
    From Gran Turismo to pCars

    I use Dashmeter Pro: it is not the most nice looking app but, at least, for me it is the most stable ( + it has tyre condition display). I nearly never have freezes or lag with this app.

    I think Hud Dash could potentially be the best: it looks nice, it is very ajustable... but I cannot do two laps in a row without having lags.

    I am currently also using PCars Dash: the new version has a new screen for car monitoring (all temperatures and conditions). I run it on a tablet on the side of my wheel: it is very nice in combination with Dashmeter pro configured just to have Gear / Speed / Leds.
  9. Any of these app give delta times and required fuel ?
  10. Kevin.
    Yes it is the IP address I'm using but still can't get it work. Other versions (gsce) work great. Might try a reinstall on my tablet.
  11. Well, tyre condition does not work in HUD Dash atm i think, but otherwise it's a beauty. It runs stable (what version are you using, there were at least two new versions in last two weeks) and you can remove potential lags by simply selecting another polling interval (three options) on the server side.
    Last edited: May 21, 2015
  12. Both HUD Dash and Dashmeter Pro have them incorporated and working.
  13. Brendan Coyle

    Brendan Coyle

    anything similar for apple.....
  14. Flying Kefran

    Flying Kefran
    From Gran Turismo to pCars

    I know: i tried all that can be tried to make hud dash work properly and I had hopes for the recent builds: I think sadly it is just less compatible than other apps.
    Many peole reported having issues on the wmd forum so I think it is just a limit of the app. It is not abnormal: the developper is doing it with limited resources. He can only perform limited tests: what he delivered is already very sweet.
  15. Brendan Coyle

    Brendan Coyle

    nevermind, found it
  16. Thanks.....
  17. Hey guys, I hope someone can help me with a problem with my DashMeterPro app for pCARS.

    Preferences - LEDs Bars / Shift Light
    Shift Light (FLASH)

    Enable Shift Light (negative flash at the shift point) is selected
    Automatic Threshold is selected
    With this setting the entire screen will flash "negative" when the rpms reach the limit.

    If I deselect Automatic Threshold I can then edit the RPM Threshold.
    Enable Shift Light (negative flash at the shift point) is still selected.
    The screen no longer flashes "negative." The screen turns "negative" once and holds the negative color instead of flashing.

    Is it possible to be able to set my own own RPM Threshold and still have the screen flash "negative" when the threshold is reached?

    Thanks in advance.
  18. I have tried everything I can think of to get DASHMETER PRO to work it just won't. Even used two Samsung tablets (7" & 10") but nothing. Will have look for some other apps, anyone got suggestions.
  19. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

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  20. HUD Dash does it for me, i like to have all info on one screen and this one provides this. You could also try VDash.
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