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Helmets Damon Hill 1996 Helmet 1.0

Damon Hill 1996 helmet with Rothmans tobacco brand.

  1. einogm submitted a new resource:

    Damon Hill 1996 helmet (tobacco version) - Damon Hill 1996 helmet with Rothmans tobacco brand.

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  2. Thanks heaps for the great work, cheers mate.
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  3. Can you make j.villeneuve helmet please?
  4. I just se a white helmet :(
  5. Might be that I did not include the low resolution helmet for low graphics settings. Increase your graphics settings (I think "cloth" is the one you need to increase).

    Will not do Villeneuve's helmet because Jacques Villeneuve Jr. has been publicly bashing Kimi Räikkönen's skill and personality. Sorry, that's my final decision.

  6. Wich years you want it, i ve already made one for my 1997 season mod on F1 2012
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  8. I cannot go any higher..

  9. Look on my 1997 mod helmet for some sponsor^^ you are the permission to use it.