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Damaged on my car everytime I enter the pits in practice and quali

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by LeZaz, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Now its my turn to have a bug.
    Being "almost" bug free since the beginning (in fact, I'm only in my 5th GP of my 1rst career season), since the Shangai race, everytime I enter the pits, I loose about 3:50 min for repair [​IMG]even if I don't have any damages. The same, when I'm into qualifications.
    No need to say that it is really annoying for the quali as it takes a lot of time for my qualifications.
    I'm having a 75% career with long week-ends at expert level without any aids of any sorts, I can live with repairs for no reason in practice but for the quali, this is very annoying.

    Anyone had this problem before?
    And of course, a solution?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Are you using a worn engine? Check your engine wear percentage.
  3. I have had similar repairs in practice that the OP has and I always thought it was because I ran over some part of the track that may have damaged the bottom tray. But who knows maybe it was because I was using worn engines in practice (I do swap to my used engines for P2 and P3). At what percentage is an engine considered to be worn?
  4. Yeah, I'm using a 81% worned out engine and for Shangai, I forgot to replace it before the quali.
    Now, in Spain, I did use another 83% worned engine for practice 2 and 3 and did change the engine for the Quali (98%, 1 practice session), I'll know tonight if this is a the cause and let you know.
    Thanks for the interest.

    I also sent a mail to Codemasters about it and let you know if I get an answer.


    PS, with only 8 engines in all, isn't it normal to have an engine worned out at 80%?
  5. I had this problem too (PS3), once I got some damage in the car then I loss time for repairing every time I back to the box, even if I the car is not damaged.
    Also I noticed that if the bug appears on P2 it also be on P3.

    Whatever I'm not too worried about it cause I don´t need the whole time in practice, never did more than 15 laps on practice
  6. Wow.. How'd you guys even get to an 80 plus percent engine.. I never experienced it. Is it cause I don't do full length race?
  7. Yes, I always use worn engines in practice. I switch in practice 3 to a newer engine for quali.

    The reason the car gets repaired every time you pit is because you are using a worn engine. This effect happens when the engine wear percentage is around 86% and lower iirc. If it's around that percentage (or lower), every time you return to the pits your car will undergo a repair cycle.

    I don't know if it's a bug or if it was intended for this to happen, but this only happens when using worn engines in practice and qualification. Don't notice much of an effect during the race, just a car that is slightly slower.

    I wear out my engines a lot in the game (I have 4 engines right now at Singapore that are below 85%) and I do 75% races. You'll notice more engine wear with longer races. I do the same method posted above (switch to a worn engine for P1 - I do R&D first if I have it, use it in P2, use it again in P3 until I'm satisfied then switch to a new one for qualification)
  8. Thanks for the reply kully.

    The furthest I have gotten into a season was race #8 and then I re-start the career (haha ... but I plan to complete this season now ... honest, really, I will ... LOL). So I have yet to see what happens late in the year when all my engines are worn. But I will need to keep this "repair" feature in mind in P3 moving forward. There was a P3 session in a previous career race where the repair prevented me to have time to swap out the worn engine for qualifying and my race and I had no choice but to use the worn engine. Of course the race was the Spanish GP in Cataluyna, so I don't think a fresh engine would have mattered.

    BTW ... I would be willing to bet that the AI doesn't need to worry about engines. This is a fun game, but clearly there are a lot of holes in it when it comes to racing the spoofed AI.
  9. My993C2 that problem, the engine failures and blow's plus puncture's has been solved for the AI with True AI 1.4 if you don't want the AI just use the choreography out of the mod and it will give you the desired result's :D The AI was spoofed so we tried to fix it best we can !
  10. Sorry I am not following you on what feature will change by removing the choreography file from the 1.4 mod? I want the occasional AI engine failure and/or spinning AI car. Not on every lap, but having DNFs is a good thing. Heck I would even tolerate my own mechanical failures if I was over revving my own engine, abusing the tires or brakes.

    When I speak of spoofed AI I am referring to all aspects of racing against the AI in this game. My biggest beefs with the lousy AI are not when they are visible (both the True AI 1.3 and 1.4 mods as well as the "fast corner" mods have improved the game from the default CM gave us). No my biggest beef with the lousy AI is when they are no longer visible and their lap times and position on the track are calculated from some value plucked from CM. As faulty as the AI can be in a game like GTR Evo, at least I knew what I was racing against and their AI cars didn't gain 2 seconds a lap once out of view.
  11. "There was a P3 session in a previous career race where the repair prevented me to have time to swap out the worn engine for qualifying and my race and I had no choice but to use the worn engine"

    I had the same but it was in Shangai.
    Lukily, it was raining and the AI were not fast against my poor Lotus and I took the lead white they were changing tires twice before I went to the pits. Just before I entered, my engineer told me I was 1 minute ahead of Webber. When I came out of the pits after a PERFECT pitstop, Webber was in front of me????????? (another bug). But I was concentrate enough to keed Button behind me and kept my 2nd place.

    I'm goind right now for my quali in Spain with a new engine. I'll let you know right after if I still have that repair bug.


    PS, I had a new engine for my quali and the repair damages didn't show up. Thanks guys. P10 in Barcelone with my Lotus and I was P9 after Q2 but wanted to save soft tires for race.
  12. PS, I had a new engine for my quali and the repair damages didn't show up. Thanks guys. P10 in Barcelone with my Lotus and I was P9 after Q2 but wanted to save soft tires for race.[/QUOTE]

    Another bug, when I wanted to come back for my race, the qualif were not saved and I had to restart the qualif process. Going from Q1 to Q2, my computer froze. And once again, the next time.
    So, the 4th time, I came back to the paddock and got out of the game between each session and made a copy of my savefile everytime.
    In a sense, it did help me, cause I could improve my setup with softs and the lines and finished P6.
    After quali, I went for the race and everything went ok, I exited the game and saved it once again.
    I'll know tonight if I can race, finally.

    By the way, after writing to Codemasters about the damages problem, the answer was to download their patch from their site, which was already done.......:damnit:..........INCOMPETENCY, you said, let me laugh.......:tongue:.....
  13. Thinking I was in P6 after quali, I was in P5 on the gris in 1:23.5, in my Lotus,so pretty optimistic before the race (I installed the True AI fix 1.40 from RD).

    The race start and P6 in the first corner, still optimistic.
    But after 2 more curves, they're gone.
    I'm lapping in the 1:27 and I'm holding everybody.
    A couple of mistakes (just turned a bit wider than usual but never worse than 1.28.5) and I'm in P12 (my goal assigned).
    And, guess what[​IMG], Alonso is knocking at my door to overlap me and we are in lap 12 approximately[​IMG], wow (were they 20 sec faster than me?).
    Penalty for hitting Alonso (unfair driving causing an accident and blue flags and I'm P24.
    Did my best lap in 1:24.5 and lost 3 seconds on P23[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG].
    Was it like that with the unpatch version???

    Begin to be fed-up with it.


    PS, the worse, I will have to redo the race cause it went to load instead of autosave and the game froze, grrrrr.....
  14. I feel your pain. I came out of my 100% length race at Monaco in the HRT rather frustrated. I had a good race for 75 of 78 laps, I was in 12th place on the same lap as the leaders looking good to fulfill my team's goal. But race leader Vettel caught up to me and I was given the blue flag. So I slowed down, got off the racing line and what happens next? Vettel plows into me, taking himself out of the race and the game gives me a time penalty for blocking which screwed me as far as meeting my team's goals.

    BTW ... in most races using the entry level teams we are given goals of qualifying in 20th and finishing the races in 18th. But at Cataluyna and at Monaco the game changes to goals to 15th qualifying and 12th in the race. It's bad enough that the AI are faster at these tracks, but what is with the higher team goals? It's as if the game wants you to fail in Spain and Monaco. Anyway, these two races are over. I like driving both tracks but they are definitely frustrating to race at in this game. Next up ... Turkey.