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Czech Rally by OK TV

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Ondrej Kapal, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hello guys,

    I finally got my new sites working. You can find there my video edits, photos and more. I will also be putting all of my new content in this thread, so you can watch them immediately :)

    http://oktv.wz.cz - just click on "ENTER HERE" and you're welcome :)

    I am glad for every effort.

    2012: http://oktv.wz.cz/v2012.html
    2011: http://oktv.wz.cz/v2011.html
    2010: http://oktv.wz.cz/v2010.html

    Recently uploaded:

    Rally Bohemia 2010 - http://oktv.wz.cz/bohemia2010.html
    Barum Rally Zlín 2010 - http://oktv.wz.cz/barumka2010.html
    Rally Legends 2010 (I must recommend this one) - http://oktv.wz.cz/legends2010.html
    Rally Bohemia 2011 - http://oktv.wz.cz/bohemia2011.html
    Rally Příbram 2011 - http://oktv.wz.cz/pribram2011.htm
    Rallye Berounka Revival 2011 - http://oktv.wz.cz/berounka2011.html
    Edda cup, Autodrom Most 2012 - http://oktv.wz.cz/most2012.html

    And one note at the end, if someone thinks I am in wrong thread, its not true, this is actually the best thread for every rally stuff as long as there is no proper rally community anywhere else at RD :)

    Enjoy in good health!

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  2. Nice videos of the Rally! I really enjoyed your video (the first one once you uploaded, I am a subscriber) ;)
  3. Haha, thanks! Subscribers are just what my channel needs :D once again thanks and I am glad you enjoy my work! Currently I am working on another rally, tomorrow should be done, once it is, I post it here :)
  4. OK TV still produces new stuff and here it is, another great rally event I visited this summer, full of crashes, accident and retirements ! :) Content filled to the last minute :) enjoy in good health

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  5. Can I move in you country? :) So many cars and so diverse! Can't wait next event!
  6. Next one is famous Rally Bohemia, which this years was candidate for WRC in year 2016 :) should be done within two weeks :)
  7. I'm going to Rally Barum, hope you Ondrej will capture some pictures from this rally
  8. You do? We can meet somewhere if you get close enough to me ! :)
  9. I'm not sure about it, because I will be with my friends and they dont know you. BTW Maybe you know some good places to watch the rally. I was looking at the spectator places in oficial site, but ther could be big crowd.
  10. Rally is good place to meet new people :) Yes, I can for sure recommend stages I visited last year.. I will do video guide from them if you want, so you know how they look like
  11. I will see how this stages looks like by looking at maps from Barum site
  12. You asked for particular places which arent noted at maps... Plus, this year they will drive reverse so it changes the whole stage

    but in general, SSS Zlín, SS 5/9 Semetín, SS 10/13 Maják, SS 12/15 Halenkovice ... they can be made without hurry, if you are the type of fan who wants to see only the front grid at the most stages, you can add to your list Troják, but be aware of parking your car outside the stage
  13. Thanks a lot Ondrej. Yes I want to see mostly front of a grid, esspecially Polish drivers - Sołowow and Oleksowicz, of course our Polish-Frenchman - Bouffier. All are in front
  14. I am back! :) And I got some great stuff for you guys...

    Barum Czech Rally Zlín 2011: Jiří Janák - Petr Novák, SS8 (Troják - Vlčková) crash

  15. Rally Barum was perfect, Ondrej I have to say that stages near Zlin are awesome, I have to congratulate you 1st place for Kopecky and all podium for skoda. I also didn't know that all Czech fans are so crazy about Kopecky! For me the most important is that Sołowow won in ERC standing and he is new leader!

    Great rally, looking for more movies from Ondrej, because they are wonderful!
  16. Ok guys, I know you are waiting for new content. But I now have to solve one issue first, and thats copyright. I was forced to remove all intros which include music and re-upload videos without them -> losing all my current material. It will be sorted by tomorrow, but I would really love if you could help me and share the new re-uploaded videos with as most as possible people you can, so my channel wont lose that much views and popularity. I will post them here, video by video and will edit the first page with the new ones...

    Thanks for help!

    I upload them by the date it went. So, here is first re-uploaded work:

  17. Another re-upload here

    still 2 to go :(
  18. One last video to go. Right after that, Rally Bohemia is on my to-do list first!

  19. Last one re-upload. Next one is Rally Bohemia, which contains new stuff

  20. For those who want to have actual stuff from my warehouse immediately and have not much time to keep an eye on this forum, I made FB page for just for you

    its here www.facebook.com/oktvrallye