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Custom skins not showing up...

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Rhys Gardiner, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. I've just moved Race 07/GTR Evo/STCC, along with all other Steam content, over to my external hard drive, to save space on the original one. Evo works a treat, and aside from having to recreate my profiles and reconfigure FFB settings, everything's running smoothly. The only real problem is that I don't seem to have any custom skins anymore... :sad: Is there a way I can move the CustomSkins folder over to the External HD without having to move My Documents along with it?

    Thanks in advance. :D
  2. You can change the path of My Docs:

    1. Click Start, and then point to My Documents.
    2. Right-click My Documents, and then click Properties.
    3. Click the Target tab.
    4. In the Target box, do one of the following:
      Type the path to the folder location that you want, and then click OK. For example, D:\My Stuff.

      If the folder does not exist, the Create Message dialog box is displayed. Click Yes to create the folder, and then click OK.


      Click Move, click the folder in which to store your documents, and then click OK twice.

      If you need to create a new folder, click Make New Folder. Type a name for the folder, and then click OK twice.
    5. In the Move Documents box, click Yes to move your documents to the new location, or click No to leave your documents in the original location.
  3. Mike, what I mean to say is, can I just copy and paste the Documents folder to the external HD? That way, the simbin folder would be on the external HD and custom skins would work, right?
  4. Don't worry, problem solved. When I moved the content over, a "RACE 07 Install 2" folder was created in the SimBin folder. All I had to do was move all the skin files over to that folder, and I've got my custom skins back!! :victory:
  5. Hold up a sec. The fix only lasted one session of gameplay. I've tried everything, I've changed the path of My Documents to the same drive as the game like I've been told, I've moved files around... nothing has worked. I can't access any of my personal files from inside the game, like profiles, controller settings, etc.

    I don't know what to do... :weep: