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Custom skins causing a minidump

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. I have had a series of minidumps lately and noticed that when i try to load the preview of a customskin that has helmet and driving suits GTR crashes. When i remove them from those skins (just from the .ini file) everything works out fine. That's strange and it happens only in preview window. When somebody uses helmets and suits in race, i see them and nothing strange happens.

    It is annoying as the game crashes when i flip thru the pages, trying to select my own skin and the selection happens to land on a skin that has those files = Audio starts to do "the-lp-loop" and i have an instant megadump..

    Does anybody have info or have noticed the same thing?
  2. Neil Tennant

    Neil Tennant
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    i had this problems a few weeks back, hasnt happened recently although i did update my nvdia drivers....
  3. I have the same problem and "solve" it by lauching the track and the skin offline and then go back to the multiplayer. In fact i have no problems in offline mode.
  4. I have ATI but i'll try to update my drivers. If it doesnt work i'll do what i must: remove helmets and suits from everybody... thank god you're not going to be naked after that ;)

    EDIT: That didn't work. It made everything actually worse.. Had to rollback to older one.. or as i looked a NEWER one! Catalyst suite 9.xx installs driver 8.3xx and the "older" catalyst 8.xx install a driver 8.4xx... weird. I'm not changing ANYTHING cause tonight is the Friday Mini event. Tomorrow i'll look into it.
  5. I think it is one of Bugs which Patch "improved" I Have the same and only way to working is the Antoine's way. Load it in offline(all skins works there) but in online mode it is really a lottery with minidumps
  6. Heh, I remember when we were creating that skin. Constant "argh minudump" from you :p. I rarely get minidumps, about 5 a month on average..
  7. I think i'll stick to my way: remove the helmets and suits from .ini files. That way theres no need to load them in offline and get to play faster/safer.. I don't really see them anyway while driving and i really don't have the power to frap any movies.

    God damned that patch. As i recall this was fairly stable game before it. Never even knew about minidumps before that. AAARRGGGHHH. When's the next "patch" gonna arrive and will it destroy the world we race on...?
  8. I have the same.
  9. My feelings exactly. Nothing but on-line problems since the last patch. At the current rate, I'd expect the next patch to just about finish GTRE off as an on-line game. :curse:
  10. Not sure if that's intentional, but it's funny anyway :p
  11. Heh, it was suppose to be a pun about "the world we live in" but the Race On is way better..
  12. Could we send our minidumps somewhere to let some developpers have a look ?


  13. I have the same problem (since patch and do the same workaround to fix it.
  14. i get this with stock skins too, not just custom ones... was trying to pick a saleen the other week and one of the skins in the list would bork my evo no matter how many times i restarted it....
  15. Same prob going on here. I and all my friends that use the same skins are having this problem. Only after the last patch. Thats when the custom skins folder was moved to Mydocs/sinbin/----. I'm sure that has something to do with it but dont know why.....

    Admin please help..........:hypnotized:
  16. Aaargghhh! Made a new skin to Seat Leon 2007 and it is causing a minidump. No driver suits, helmets, nothing but the body and windows..

    I've had troubles with other players skins recently without the helmet/suits.. Is it just me or does anyone else have an urge to send angry letters to SimBin? Stupid problem.. The only customizable feature in the game (apart from profile name...) and it doesn't work..

    EDIT: No wonder there's no server based loading of customskins.. That would be the bomb.. Just picture 24 players shouting after a single customskin causing 24 minidumps at once..
  17. Im another one looking here for solutions but cant find anything

    This started happening recently though may even of been the selection buttons or something I installed with national flags??. But ive had steam engine crashing on game exit for absoloutley ages and nothing has worked for this including complete re-install of game and complete re-ins of steam P
  18. What car mods do you have installed?
  19. Car mods that cause this issue that I know of are:

    V8 Escort Challenge 2009
    ZeZeZoom Porsche 2009 GT3 Cup
    Blancpain SuperTrofeo

    But I would like to know what you have installed and then I can come up with a better list.