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Custom setups for Multiplayer

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by RedshiftOTF, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Hiya. I've used all the custom setups on this forum and they work great in Career mode, Grand Prix and TT's and somewhat in Multiplayer quick race mode but when I try to use them in the custom Grand Prix's the cars seem to handle completely differently to the other modes. Are custom setups disabled in this mode? I understand that most of the times the cars are set to be equal to each other which is fine but the handling doesn't even seem close to the other modes. Specifically the cars feel more twitchy with less downforce but at the same time a bit more forgiving. Are custom setups even considered fair play in Multiplayer?

    Just kind of wondered what your views were on this as there are quite a few variables involved. For a laugh I used a custom setup on a Silverstone custom Grand Prix but quickly changed the throttle mapping to fast and increased the Front and Rear downforce up one notch and did a lot better but it's a bit difficult to test different setups if they only apply when you are racing others.

  2. i find most setups posted in this forum are geared towards TT and don't work very well for the other modes.

    AFAIK grand prix mode/online mode/career mode are the same (that is if you have set them at the same settings - tire/fuel sim, aides,...also depends on which car you chose ofc, unless cars are set to be equal but thats only for online mode) and TT is arcade with 100% track grip, 100% upgraded car and no tire and fuel sim. So if you notice any difference it should be between TT and the other three modes. Did you make sure your difficulty settings are the same for GP mode than it is in the other modes?

    and why wouldn't custom setups be fair in multiplayer?? everyone has their own preferences and driving style , setups allow you to cater to them, nothing wrong with that.
  3. James Chant

    James Chant

    My vote is for tyre sim being on in the custom GPs,
  4. I prefer everything on full sim's no assit's and then you get the very slight nuance :D of custom setup's ! And although the setup's are not technical ¬_¬ you can totally change the handling of the car, from planted to ice skating and mix and match that front and back. I totally agree with Steve because everybody has different driving styles and preference's custom setup's are needed as the default setup's will be to some people an advantage and others a disadvantage. Try Suzuka with the far right setup it is nigh on impossible at speed for me to drive using that setup I slightly tweak it and bang it work's a treat now I can keep up with you!
    The equal settings of the car's is just performance and upgrade's and 100% engine, perfect straight from the manufacturer. The cars individual handling remain's the same in GP mode but not in TT I am led to believe but the jury is still out on that one for me.
  5. Thanks for the input guys! I played a couple more online grand prix's and didn't seem to have the same problem so perhaps it was something to do with tyre sim being on, (which I don't tend to use much). Interesting to note that TT is almost arcade mode as I've tweaked my setups using that a lot. Perhaps it would be better to tweak things in single player practice mode or something. Not sure. The particular issue I had was with Monza where you can really feel slight changes in car tweaks, (well for me anyway). i'll keep plugging away and see what happens.
  6. I would go with your suggestion of tweaking setup's in career mode as the way to go. I tend to pick far right (in the dry) and then tweak that to my style of driving. Good luck and have fun, once you start to understand how it work's for you, you will do just fine.
  7. And when you go from TT to a "real" race (with fuel and tire sim on) you'll think your car har changed into a supertanker :wink: because of the redicoulous amount of grip one has in TT and also the fact that it's has fuel for like one lap and therefore is very light.