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Custom Seasons?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by MaxVK, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Hi. I'm creating new tracks with BTB, but one thing Iv not been able to work out is if its possible to set up a series of events that run one after the other, like a season.

    Is this possible, and if so is it possible to use 3rd party tracks from BTB?


  2. Hey MVK,

    Real dissapointed nobady has replied to this as its something i was looking for toO. i also want SOMEBODY with more knowledge then me (shouldn't be hard to find) to create at least a plugin to run a rally with BTB built tracks that INCLUDE car damage THAT COMPOUNDS and only gets fixed AFTER a service. I don't get the people who think its a good idea to get a new car every stage, takes almost ALL the challenge out of it. Might as well play ridge racer of something.

    SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Should be possible using the 'cumulative damage' option in RSRBR. You can also set when the service park stops occur.
  4. Thanks Damien,

    I've been looking at some of the posts here and at other sites regarding RSRBR and a "cumulative damage" option has never been mentioned. I am concerned though, it seams like a LOT of effort to load and set up.

    Can anyone tell me EXACTLY what RSRBR can do. From what I have read I sounded like it was an online mod to make playing on-line rallys possible, not something I'm too interested in.

    Is it simple to install and use?

  5. RSRBR is primarily used for online racing, like we do here at RD, but it can also be used to massively expand the number of tracks and cars available within the offline game. It also completely overhauls the physics for most if not all of the cars, plus can be used to (relatively) easily apply new skins and sounds to any car.
    Check this thread http://www.racedepartment.com/richard-burns-rally/20030-installing-rsrbr-2009-rsrbr-2010-mod.html for info on setting it up :biggrin:.
    Give it a go, it's well worth it, then come join us for some online fun!
  6. Ok, this sounds good but I've got a concern from what you said.

    After watching some of the videos from other drivers and what you have said about the physics I want to know EXACTELY what it does. The physics in the original game were basicly spot on, (trust me, I've driven REAL rally cars for many years) and what I have seen is the grip seams to be increased WAY to much. I worried I will go through all of this work installing RSRBR only to find it turns it into a joke like SEGA rally.

    Can SOMEONE please give me a bit of info on this.
  7. Never fear, it's as tricky as ever. Certainly doesn't become a CMR or Sega Rally clone, though as I haven't ever driven a rally car IRL, that's a purely subjective observation :smile:.
    Best option would be just to give it a go, not that much trouble really; main mod + update + car pack . . . all done!
    I'd be interested to hear what you think, seeing as you've had the actual real life experience.
  8. I concur with Damien's comments. Using RSRBR2010 certainly doesn't turn it into an arcade style game, it is still very similar to the default RBR in many ways. Of course, the physics varies quite a bit depending on which cars you drive (and RSRBR2010 adds a huge number of cars). I have tried many of the arcade style Rally games, and RBR remains waaaaay ahead in the driving realism.
    As Damien has already said, the only way for individuals to test it and decide is to install it and try for yourself. The good news is that the default RBR is still available for your use as a comparison, RSRBR doesn't replace the original content, it just adds a whole new amount of content (cars, tracks, track surface options, weather options) and of course, most importantly, the option to race on-line (you can also use RSRBR2010 off-line if you wish).

    The installation process may look complicated at first, but if you follow the basic instructions, it's actually quite straight forward. Everything is simple auto installers. Install the base RSRBR2010, install the update 03, then install the cars (either complete car set, or individual or class car packs depending on your desire).
  9. Alright Guys, You convinced me to try it. I spent today downloading the files and tonight I have loaded everything in and gave it a try.

    Good, really good. I'm still tyring to figure out a few things ( I will be searching how to build your own rallys - online and off - once I finish this post) But I think its a very good job. Its actually quite easy to set up and start using if you follow Warren's instructions. If I had have read them properly myself it would have saved some time;) I'm sure once I know what I'm doing with it it will become great;)

    VERDICT : No, It doesn't change the game into SEGA rally or something just a poxy. I do think the grip levels are a little too high though. Rally drivers are the BEST drivers in the world for a reason, it is hard to do well. A top Australian race driver competed in a rally last year and midway through a stage ( just after he had slipped off the road for the 3rd time) he said "it feels like a boat". Rally cars DON'T have grip, thats why its fun;)