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Misc Custom Database 1.0

For Mr. Pibb 2013 Mod

  1. luismfm submitted a new resource:

    Custom database with, (For Mr. Pibb 2013 Mod). (version 1.0) - For occasional players

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  2. What are the settings that need to be changed in order to have all teams available at the start of your career?

    Edit: Here I go again calling people out for posting other people's work. Would be nice if you at least mentioned my name for doing the ai_driver table from http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/database-for-mr-pibbs-2013-mod.66176/

    I know this because I was the only person to set the good/bad day chance global modifiers for Legend to 0.00000000000001 (1E-14) in some of my first version databases. The names column is exactly the same as my current database, and the driver stats are identical to my current database.

    You also have Hamilton set as the 1st driver in the f1drivers_f1teams table, rather than Rosberg.

    I still would like to know how to make all teams available at career start though...I don't see where those settings are.
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  3. Yes I use some portions of your work, sorry for forgot mention!
    And like I said another day, your work is great. thanks!

    To have top teams available, you have to swap the team id's.

    Carefull, to be done right, changes is all over database;
    not only;

    + lot of rows...

    Is a custom database, some things may look strange :)
  4. Sauber, Force India team, the drivers nationality, name of the driver is wrong. :(
  5. By the way, thank you for your MOD, thank you very much! :)
  6. With "language" file from Mr. Pibb 2013 Mod, everything is correct to me !?
  7. Thank you mod.My language has also been normal.
  8. luismfm

    I have a database of 2013 mod with all drivers of 2013 and i want all top teams at start in that database and actually i have another que. can you change pit sequence in database?
  9. Sorry, I am not sure how to do it.
  10. actually i got it all things right i did change in pit sequence but how to edit language file that you're talking about?
  11. great mod works great thanks luismfm great job