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CSW V2 base problem

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by linzheng, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed with Fanatec product build quality. I had the popular motor problem on my V1 base 2 years ago, they replaced it. I also had the quick release problem which I didn't even bother contacting them because it took them 6 weeks to replace the motor originally(they did offer me 10% discount on my next order).
    Two weeks ago, got the CSW v2 base, v2 pedal, v1.5 SQ shifter, handbrake, 2 USB adaptor, universal hub, and oval rim.

    Problems so far:
    1. one of the USB adaptor can not be recognised by Windows (forgot about this problem until typing this up since I'm only using one of them now)

    2. oval rim color bleeding and crumbs coming off the wheel is flying all over the base top and surrounding area. (Will return the rim at my cost since it's within 2 weeks of purchase, cause they did HIGHLY RECOMMEND WEARING GLOVES while not mentioning anything about color bleeding and crumbs, see attached pics: 2015-03-17 22.09.28.jpg 2015-03-18 14.17.57.jpg 2015-03-18 14.18.09.jpg

    3. there is this mechanic dead zone on the base, Observing through the clear cover, it seems that the problem is between the connection of the shaft/axle and the main red pulley. Funny thing is: in games, there seems to be ABSOLUTELY 0 dead zone. I have contacted Fanatec support and sent it back. See video:
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  2. Send videos of all problems to Fanatec and they should get back to you pretty quickly. I had to send my CSW v2 back in for repair after 11 days of use. It just broke and starting making a grinding noise. Sent a video and had an RMA with in 24 hours. It took about 4 1/2 weeks to get my wheel back from the Fanatec repair center however it was 5 working days to ship it there and 5 to ship it back to me so all told I guess the repair time was around 2 to 2 1/2 weeks at the repair center. Its been great ever since then though, going on almost 3 months now since getting it back.
  3. I did contact them and sent it back.
    I do agree that their customer service is not bad at all. They did get back to me with 24 hours.
    But I'm a very impatient person, I choose fastest shipping option on everything I buy. I'm just pissed that after spending more than AU$2000 less than 2 weeks, I have to wait maybe another month to get it fixed. And this is the Second time. Why don't they have better quality control at the first place to avoid all these hassles?
    When I had my original G25 from 2007(I mainly drift in RF and LFS), until I sold it in 2013, it had ZERO problem.
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  4. Welcome to Fanatec...

    As the internet saying goes for Fanatec, "they work great, when they work".
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  5. I have given up any serious commitment to Fanatec Products as I have had to RMA just about every item I have purchased from them. The designs are quite nice but the workmanship seems to be pretty poor and every time they claim to have made improvements with this and that I just never seem to see it? The people in Germany are on the side of being committed to offering the best products they can with great designs then the China Side of the equation is equivalent to handing the designs off to Hooligans who don't give a crap about the quality when building these products.

    Seriously I think their products are not designed to last more then 2 years and usually don't even last that long.

    Yes I also had a problem with the suede bleeding on the GT Rim.
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  6. I sold my fantec + obutto rig 2 years ago when I moved home. Main reason I came back to sim is the V2 base and my 1 year old son who gets excited every time sits on my lap behind the steering wheel in a real car. I believed their claim that the v2 base is all about quality and reliability.
    I don't think I would buy their product again unless they give us at least 3 years warranty.
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  7. Robin


    My CSW V2 has been going strong for 5 months. No issues whatsoever.

    My CSP v1 are over 3 years old now and have never showed any hitch either.

    My Porsche Turbo S is over three years old and has never broken down either.

    Not playing down on issues others are having, because clearly there are quite a few people who have issues, so I regard myself as a lucky guy.

    But my experience with Fanatec has been superb in the three years or so I have been using their gear! :)

    Sorry to hear about your problems @linzheng . That does seem like a bad show. :(
    I am also using the GT rim without gloves. No such colour bleed or crumbling.
    It amazes me how erratic the build quality seems on Fanatec products.
    I hope your issues will be solved quickly and well.
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  8. My CSR Elite pedals have been great now for almost a year. My Universal Hub and new style GT wheel has been good so far, no bleeding or crumbling. My CSW v2 base had to be repaired but has been good since then. I really hope it all stays together because it feels rather nice but I'll always be a bit concerned about the build quality of their products. That's why I keep a Thrustmaster setup as a backup. LOL.
  9. Update:
    Fanatec has refunded me the $129 for oval rim, but not shipping cost.
    Still haven't heard anything about the v2 base after sending it back last week.

    I have lost faith in Fanatec after reading so many bad experience all over the Internet and what I have gone through with them.
    Just ordered Accuforce pro which will be shipped to me Junly, Aug.
    I guess I'll just keep the v2 as a backup or only use it for console when Accuforce arrives.
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  10. Robin


    How old is your CSW v2?
    If you really are unhappy with the purchase I think you are protected by consumer law if the product is still fairly new. You should inform yourself about the possibilities. Its hardware that is far too expensive to just Gather dust as a Back-up system IMO.
    Worth finding out what your options are legally if Fanatec doesn't want to play ball.

    But my experience is that Fanatec support is very willing to help their customers finding a suitable solution.

    And one thing about 'Reading so many bad experiences on the internet' - it is a known fact that people who have problems feel the need to write about it on the net far more frequently than those that are happy.
    This makes the internet a rather depressing place at times, but there is really no way of knowing wether Fanatec's gear does break down a lot in the broader spectrum because we have no idea how many units sold.
    For All we know their gear might have a reliability of 90% amongst their total customer base.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2015
  11. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Yea blame your one year old son for the purchase of your Sim gear...
    Sorry darling I just had to spend that 1000,- because our baby likes my hotlapping so much.
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  12. My v2 base is about 1 month now. Being in Australia, consumer law is different.
    I'm eligible to return the any item bought form them within 2 weeks.
    They are only required to refund if the item suffered major failure past the 2 week mark within 1 year which is not my case.
    You are right about the internet, that being said, I personally have had 4 out 13 items bought from Fanatec in the past 2 years sent back to them for repair. Not to mention the v2 pedal noise I had to fix myself. Although they have been fair on customer service, but I'd rather save my time and invest in something more reliable.
  13. I'm not blaming anyone here for my own decision.
    But your second line is exactly what I told my wife. At the end of the day, I'm the one who paid for all those gears, not my wife.
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  14. Robin


    @linzheng I wish you luck with a solution. You make it sound like you have some serious money to spend, though! :D
  15. Thank you.
    I'll definitely report back when I get v2 base comes back from Fanatec.
  16. Just an update,

    Instead of getting a replacement unit, they repaired the faulty one.

    The bearing problem is now solved, but came back with another 2 problem.
    1. Every time powering on the base, the base itself vibrates/ makes noise through some degree of rotation( right 0-450, left 300-450 roughly) with or without a rim attached. I tried to capture the noise on my iPhone without success, the fan noise covers it. It can only be heard/felt in person. I wonder what Fanatec gonna do with this.
    2. The csp v2 now won't work connected to the base(worked before returning), only works via usb.
    3. The last roughly 30 degrees to the left lock requires extra force to turn no matter powered on or off.

    I'm now really desperate to return and get a refund on this and just get a TM before my Accuforce Pro arrives July/August.
    It's just not worth all the wait and frustration i'm going through with this RUBBISH.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2015
  17. Yes do everything you can to get a refund and be done with them!
  18. Regarding point #3, I have the same thing but about the last 10 or 15 degrees on each side instead of 30 (set to 900 degrees). I also had the exact same thing with two different Thrustmaster T500RS wheels. On top of that, I know person with a Thrustmaster TX wheel that does the same thing. To me it's quite clear that this is a common thing with these types of wheels and I wouldn't worry about that at all. I had my 2nd T500RS for over 2 years and it did that since day 1 (bought brand new) and the wheel always worked great.

    If your pedals aren't working when you plug them into the base then that's a problem obviously. Having said that, I'd rather use the pedals on their own anyways as they have 1024 bits of resolution when plugged directly to your PC but only 256 when with the wheel (absolutely ridiculous, why would Fanatec slice the resolution of the pedals at all when they're plugged into their [Fanatec's] own wheel base, let alone by 75%?).
  19. It's been quite a while since I returned the V2 base with hub, and sold V2 pedals too.
    Just got my Open Sim Wheel up and running last week, nothing is in the same league as it, not even Accuforce.
    Here is a short drift video showing it in action:
  20. Hi all, I have the csw v2 and f1 rim. Does anyone here use them on ps4? There are 2 usb ports on the front of the ps4, and the wheel and pedals have separate usb connections so I need to use both usb ports. Am I right? Thanks

    edit: ps4 setup goes pedals->wheel unit->usb.
    PC setup goes pedals->ubs, wheel unit->usb.
    Solved - d'oh!
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2015