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CSR - Elite wheel mod for custom rims

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Nicholas Chong, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've posted this before in the iracing forums. But for non iracers. hope this helps.

    I recently found out the CSR-elite wheel base actually has a shaft built in to the wheel rim that has the same shape and size as the rest of the lower end fanatec wheels like the CSR and GT3rsv2 or even the GT2. So those who have done mods before on the previous generation fanatec wheels, your adaptor can be very easily transferrable to the CSR elite rim which IMO is a very good upgrade.

    Roso wheel owners who have the old fanatec adaptors work as well. For people who are interested in switching away the somewhat toyish CSR-elite wheel rim, SimRacingHardware.com has an adapter that will be well suited for this mod. Here is the link


    The only thing regarding their adapter is that there seems to be no hole right in the middle to allow for routing of sli-pro wiring. Maybe by asking nicely, they might be able to drill a hole right in the middle for wiring purposes.

    The only downside is the wheel shaft can tend to be a bit longer than usual but doesn't seem to affect ffb strength. The only other way is to completely remove both the main CSR elite shaft pieces (black cylindrical metal parts) and make an adaptor for the small 5 bolt pattern. This will reduce quite a lot of wieght and might provide a better FFB transfer. I'm in the process of fabricating an adaptor to fit the go-race sprint series quick release.
    I'm not particularly handy with drilling and not sure how i could get it done with CNC machinists. Tim Cermak did a mod for this here to better illustrate it.


    I think only when you're using a bigger wheel rim diameter that the FFB suffers a little. The original wheel rim PCB which is much smaller than the older wheel rim PCBs has to be routed out from the back. There's a bit of opening space near the xbox headphones output. You can also wire up the two vibration motors and feed it through the shaft and attach it to your wheel. In my cas, i used a USB extension cord, split up both male and female ends and use that to quickly connect up the 4 wires to the vibration motors.

    here are some images. The GT wheel was made possible with Derek Speare's wheel plate and Charlie Visscher's custom machined sequential shifters. I can provide more images upon request to help clear up confusion. This is a fairly simple mod once you've mustered up the courage and open up and explore this beautifully made wheel base. Make sure you have a good set of allen keys. When i got mine brand new, i really didn't like the wheel rim and immediately started to take apart the wheel rim without testing it out first.
    pardon the wiring mess in the background. :)










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  2. sorry i would like to add that Brian Clancy from SRhardware also did mention before that there's a center hole for for wiring for their fanatec adaptors.
  3. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    I gave up waiting for an elegant solution and bought a CSW. Only downside is the incompatibility with the 360.. one I'm not too fussed about.

    Still, those mods above do look like a great start - and MILES better than the standard rim on the CSRE. - I especially like the OMP wheel, it's what should have been fitted to the CSRE from launch imho - perfect.

    Good work chaps!
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  4. Thanks Alex! I remember that g25 you modded with the spa wheel. It was such a bargain. And a joy to use. I only chose the CSR because it has more of a mod able compatibility with my current rims. Your modded spa wheel was the inspiration to mod this omp wheel I currently have. I see you sold the CSR elite and got the CSW. Nice. Yeah I would have sprung for that have I not already owned this two custom wheels.
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  5. Nicholas, how does the FFB of the CSR elite compare to your previous wheel? Is it significantly better?
  6. Oh yeah! My previous wheel is a gt3rsv2. It's worlds apart when it comes to ffb. It's more precise and at the same time has lots of torque and power! I went a little faster with it as I was able to feel where the rubber meets the road. Especially on the skip barber car in iracing. It has the best ffb. I haven't tried Xbox 360 forza yet. Kinda given up on that. Haha. Maybe I'll pick it up again and try. But yeah great ffb. Other than ecci, frex and bodnar wheel. This should be the next best thing. My next upgrade would be the emery emond pedals. :)